CCP Virus Child Abuse By Communists In America

Did you know:
Marxists spend
$1.311 BILLION annually on funding to inject Marxism into the US Education System?
That’s 252 TIMES MORE than Conservatives do to save the kids, at a meager $5.2 million…!

Kids forced to sit outside on the ground behind Police Barricade Tape.
Children having masks forcefully taped to their faces by teachers.
Children, whom almost never dies from the SARS-CoV-2 are treated as if they were the property of the Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping and not American Citizen and Children of a Free Country.
Oh, but they can infect others?
Well, if the “Vaccines” are effective that shouldn’t be a problem, should it? Those at risk could just get the jab.
Children are being good cop — bad copped. And for what? A disease as dangerous as a mild flu. What they are being subjected to is CHILD ABUSE — and America is at the forefront of that Child Abuse!

California in the 2020’s and Nazi Germany in the 1930’s are scary scenarios of the deadly grip Satan’s Religion, Marxism, has on a Society.

This is child abuse.
Several young girls including four freshmen, one sophomore, and a junior were abused at their school New West Charter LA because they chose not to get the COVID vaccine.

The girls were denied chairs, forced to sit outside on the pavement behind warning tape, and were not allowed to use the school’s restrooms.

School police are seen outside the warning tape guarding the area as if the girls were criminals about to be carted off to a detention center.

One girl describes the abuse:

“I’m a student at New West Charter School and I’m here with five other girls. Four of them are freshmen, one is a junior and I’m a sophomore. And we are being threatened to be suspended because we don’t have the COVID 19 vaccine. And we’re being refused of the right to attend school… And we’re being closed off by this caution tape thing. We’re being segregated from the rest of the school.”

This type of discrimination doesn’t belong anywhere. Not in Nazi Germany. Not in Stalin’s Soviet. Not in Mao’s China. Yet still, here it is. These kids could might as well have a yellow star sown to their clothes. Los Angeles should change name to Los Demonios, for it is truly no longer The City of Angels, but rather The City of Demons — Marxist Demons. Karl Marx, the criminal parasite who invented the mother ideology of Socialisms, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Progressivism etc. was a Satanist. Our attitude is that people who support any of this in time turn themselves into Demons, because Marxism is Satan’s Own Religion!

Washington Examiner: Teachers unions’ unprecedented power grab during Biden administration, COVID-19 could be here to stay!

But New West Charter School in LA is unfortunately far from the only example of violations of the Constitutional Rights of American Children, violations of American Children’s Basic Human Rights and violations of American Children’s Rights according to the Nuremberg Code. Michelle Malkin posted a thread on twitter on October 18, 2021 that was highly disturbing, where children had masks taped to their faces by teacher at the Chinook Trail Middle School, Colorado Springs. We unfolded the thread in a background article.

An acquaintance of mine, Communist Hunter Extraordinaire, Trevor Loudon once said that the Unions are Drive Belts for Communism into Society. It couldn’t have been said better, and in fewer areas is this more true than in Education. American Teachers’ Unions are the most unhinged, radical indoctrinators on the face of the planet. The fact that these Orwellian, Nefarious and down right Nazi Level Evil treatment of a group of girls in the story above is happening in a Charter School, is a shot across the bow of how far Indoctrination has reached.

Kids today have been thoroughly brainwashed by Marxist Teachers. They have no idea that they are supporting an ideology with Billions of killed Human Beings under its belt.

If you take offense at the examples in this Article on how American Kids are treated by these Marxist Monsters calling themselves teachers, you don’t know the half of it. Child Abuse like this has been going on for decades now, for what is the warping of a young mind into an absolute Evil ideology, but Child Abuse? But for the first time in American History, the level has been reached where a whole generation could be lost to Marxism. Once that happens, America is gone forever. That is why this topic is among the most important of our era, and why fighting it with all we’ve got is fundamental for our Survival and for Children in the future to live and breathe the same Freedoms that we have been blessed with.

In the recent years we have seen the militant radical Marxist organization DSA — Democratic Socialist of America explode in number of combatants. In July of 2021 DSA had 94,000 members spread over 239 chapters. And this militant organization operates as the poison in our well. The Median Age of their members in 2013 was 68, in other words a bunch of old commie welsher misfits who had fallen out with just about everybody in the usual Marxist Infightings. The beast was perhaps down, but not out.

Four years later the membership had exploded and the Median Age had dropped from 68 to 33 year! Something tells me they had gotten into some ill gotten gains from a filthy wealthy satan worshipper, and when we start counting whom that may be, well, it’s a pretty short list of Radical Billionaires throwing a ton of money around to destroy America, and secure all wealth for themselves.

DSA — is not a political party, they operate mostly outside the laws of campaign financing, yet they still manage to inject their puppets into the political sphere. In November 2018, two DSA members, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, were elected to the House of Representatives as “Democrats”. Eleven were elected to state legislatures. In November 2020, Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib were re-elected to the House, and were joined by two more DSA members, Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman, who have also been seated as “Democrats”.

DSA has nothing to do with democracy. They’re not really Socialists either. They call each other Comrades at their annual conference and advocate The Red Deal, which most people know as the “Green New Deal”. At their Convention in 2019 they passed a resolution calling for the abolition of private property. Where I come from, we call that Red Hot Communism. And at the same time they sweeten the deal with Millenial Sugarcoating: abolition of private property with the acceptance of public housing as “a human right.” Anyone with a couple of IQ Points to rub together knows that this bunch of Mass Murdering Marxists is the exactly the opposite of what they claim to be. It’s glaringly simple to see:

  • They are Anti-Human Rights
  • They are Anti-Democracy and Pro-Tyranny
  • They are Anti-True Capitalism and pro Crony Capitalism and Centralization of the Economy, from private businesses to owning all the People’s money in their fat, collective piggy bank as outlined in their blood Red Deal (“Green New Deal”)
  • They love pitching Americans against each other with their Race Baiting and CRT (Critical Race Theory), all the while they amass Power and Money for themselves out of the mayhem.
  • They are Pro-Teachers’ Union and Anti-Children

And since this article is about their maltreatment of children, let’s cut the list short just here.

We don’t know who where behind the abuse of the students at New West Charter School, but we would like to make the observation that it isn’t entirely impossible the decision to single out these students, in the same fashion Nazis singled out Jews in Germany, was made by some infiltrating members of DSA. DSA has practically declared war on Charter Schools as their natural enemy. And an all too familiar Marxist tactic is to infiltrate and destroy. No ideological entity in Human History has been better at infiltration and sociological warfare than Marxists. Just look up the “Long March Through The Institutions”, and you will see what we mean.

DSA are actively encouraging their members to become “teachers”, or rather to become Indoctrinators. If you think the Pied Piper of Hamelin is just a Medieval Legend from Saxony, think again. They are marching through the Education Institutions in America in broad daylight!

A Fortune Is Spent On Stealing Children’s Minds

The Radical Left spends annually $1,311,000,000 ($1.311 BILLION) on not-for-profit/organizational funding to inject Marxism into the Education System, while Conservatives only contribute a meager $5.2 Million. In other words, Marxists spend 252 TIMES more money on radicalizing kids than Conservatives spend on saving them.

Food for thought…

Do you remember what happened August 4, 2020? Yes, that’s right — DSA teamed up with the “Sunrise Movement” (Marxism expertly picks lovely names for their organizations of terror) and at least 13 Teachers’ Unions in

  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Massachusetts
  • Milwaukee
  • Los Angeles
  • Oakland
  • Little Rock
  • Racine
  • St. Paul
  • Baltimore
  • Baton Rouge
  • Boston
  • Camden
  • Chicago
  • Cincinnati
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Las Vegas
  • Little Rock
  • LA
  • Louisville
  • Milwaukee
  • Montgomery County
  • Montpelier
  • Nashville
  • Newark
  • New Orleans
  • NYC
  • Oakland
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Portland
  • Prince George’s County
  • Racine
  • Richmond
  • Salem
  • San Antonio
  • Trenton
  • West Virginia

and possibly other locations for A Day Of Resistance. Of course they would team up for the welfare of the children they are paid to take care of, right?

Let’s look at their demands:

  • Ban new charter schools
  • Ban private school choice
  • Ban standardized tests
  • Police-free schools
  • More federal funding

The list went further. And as expected; children weren’t a priority on a single point. No. This was A Day Of Resistance against the horrible prospect of going back to work, to actually do their job of teaching — something — when there was this long, paid COVID Vacation they could stay on, practically forever.

  • That is how much the Teacher’s Unions care about your kids.
  • That is how much the “Democrat” Marxist DSA care about your kids.

Kids are easily suggestible “Useful Idiots”. That’s how this Marxist Cadre looks at them. A resource to be used, just like a piece of coal chucked into a furnace to keep the heat up. That’s how all Marxist Apparatchicks look at Humanity: —A resource to be spent. Preferably while milking the Tax Payers of everything they’ve got.

So, is it so strange that teachers violently tape their students masks on their faces? Masks which have little to no effect on spreading the virus, and may in fact be helping the spread. We don’t think so.

And this has happened numerous times. To Marxists, the China Virus has afforded a broad spectrum of amassing Power and abusing Power. Even the lowliest Marxist Useful Idiot has an obsession to force his/her world view upon others, and lord it over us. Scarcely anything has given a better opportunity to do so than the Chinese Communist Virus.

A whole generation now hangs in the balance. So, apart from making it clear to Public School Boards and Teachers that ‘We The People’ are the Bosses, not them and their little Marxist DSA Club, is better yet take your most precious thing in life, your child(ren) out of those Indoctrination Factories and into Private Schools or Home School.


If at all possible, and Private Schools of high standards isn’t an alternative, then Homeschooling should be considered seriously. There is reason to question Private Schools too, these days. Extremely few Private Schools seems to have escaped the infiltration by Indoctrinators. The question parents have to ask themselves is:

—Am I OK with Marxist Entities and the Marxist Controlled Government taking my child away from me?
Because that is what is happening when Education is twisted into Indoctrination. You lose your Child’s Mind.
You lose their happiness, love and affection.
In the end you lose them.

The topic of Homeschooling is quite big, and with the help of a good Christian Teacher’s advice, we are putting together an article on Homeschooling and Homeschooling Resources. When this article is finished, we will post a link here!

The theft of a whole generation is also a topic which we know FreedomTeams🇺🇸 are very focused on.

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