The exact same same mechanisms, driven by the exact same ideology, that had 40,000 people beheaded, 6 million jews massacred in Death Camps along with 14+ million other “Deplorables” and caused a war that killed some 70 Million people, is now turning California into Nazi-fornia.

What used to be the 5th Largest Economy on the planet, before shipping manufacturing jobs and weapons technology to the Archenemy of Humanity: China, is showing serious signs of the same Disease of the Mind that Adolf Hitler infected enough of the German People with to exterminate large swaths of people and pitch the world into a global war.

California is still the biggest Republican State in number of voters, although they will never win an election ever again. That’s the nature of Marxism. A solid attempt to recall Führer Newsom in 2021 was thwarted, just like the 2020 Election turned into a Selection. “Very Concerning Evidence of Vote Fraud in California Recall Election” was clear and what happened to the Führer. Nothing. No investigation, almost complete media silence, except for the media pundits arrogantly looking down their noses at the people who were stupid enough to try and remove such a competent, well liked member of the “Democrat” Marxist Partei.

The Führer and his Comrades presumably kept on partying, as if nothing had happened. Parties without masks of course. Mask and “Vaccine” Mandates are for the Slaves — not the Führers. In 2020, while the People of California were masked up, locked down and forbidden to meet at restaurants, Führer Newsom attended a birthday party for adviser Jason Kinney at an upscale restaurant where nearly a dozen people all sat closely together without face masks…

Führer Newsom and Comrades breaking every rule they made for their Slaves. All the Rules for the Slaves. No rules applies to the “Democrat” Marxist Kings & Queens.

And if you think the democratic right of the people being robbed from them isn’t bad enough, there is now a general acceptance of throwing The Declaration of Independence, Constitution & Bill of Rights in the trash can, forgetting what made the State the 5th Largest Economy and opening up Concentration Camps, Nazi Style.

Mark Dice isn’t my cup of tea. For instance; —Had he read the koran, hadiths, sira and shari’ah texts, he would have known that it doesn’t take more to drive the 2001 9/11 Attack, and that the real conspiracy — apart from the obvious date (remember 9/11 1683 and the denial and defeat of the islamic army at the Gates of Vienna) — was the fact which Edward Snowden proved;
—The Marxist infiltrated FBI and the rest of the Intel Community had the Intel of the Attack, but did nothing about it. Presumably because they are so busy breaking the 4th Amendment and spying on Law Abiding Americans, that the massive amount of Raw Intel drowned out the significant piece of Intel from the Real Enemy.

Still, Mark Dice’s provocative “petition” videos on the streets prove some extremely good and important points! Albeit that the worst of the worst of course are edited in, with the occasional, Educated Patriot hurling insults like «SOCIALIST!» after him, this video below still proves a very important point, and raises awareness about an extremely significant danger:

California is on the exact same path
as Nazi Germany was on in the 1930s!

California is on the exact same path
as Nazi Germany was on in the 1930s!

They’re not alone. We see the same patterns emerge in other “Democrat” Marxist States as well.

The fact that even one person is signing a petition to lock up their fellow countrymen, effectively in Concentration Camps, for refusing to be injected with an untested “Vaccine” without due process and in contravention with Basic Human Rights, The Constitution and the Nuremberg Protocol, sends chills down my spine.

A “Vaccine” which has proven deadly due to the fact that when you break up a SARS-CoV-2 virus into its individual epitopes, these epitopes in themselves become reactive. We knew before these “Vaccines” were pushed on the market that one epitope (in the Spike Protein) is proven to have prion properties, several of these epitopes are Immune Disruptors, destroying the Immune System, making it much easier to get infections and develop cancer and several of them have the ability for Pathogenic Priming, causing Immune Reactions that gives inflammations, hemorrhaging, neurodegenerative diseases etc. — in other words, all the side effects we have seen kill far more people than the CCP Virus.

COVID-19 AKA Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome AKA Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) AKA 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease AKA Wuhan pneumonia AKA Novel coronavirus pneumonia has a single epitope that doesn’t register in the human peptide database as unsafe. Guess which epitope was never used in any of the “Vaccines”. Yes, that’s right — according to Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, the only safe epitope in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, was the only epitope not used in any of the vaccines. Dr. Lyons-Weiler wrote every one of the vaccine producer warning them of the Pathogenic Primers. None of them even bothered to respond. That has us thinking, why did the “Vaccine” manufacturers only go for the dangerous options, when there was a safe one available?

Dr Meryl Ness, 70, last week had her medical license suspended in Maine.
Dr Meryl Ness, 70, last week had her medical license suspended in Maine for COVID “misinformation”.

And to top it off, the RNA “Vaccines” are not only stopping our cells natural function and continuous repair, but reprogram them to produce exactly the aforementioned prion found in the spike protein. An even more frightening scenario is the fact that RNA may be reverse transcribed into our DNA, meaning that untested “Vaccines” with completely unknown effects on our immune system, if we survive the immediate, acute immune reactions they can cause, can end up with secret, proprietary RNA sequences written permanently into our Human DNA.

It is now clear that these “Vaccines” are virtually completely useless in doing what they were meant to do, requiring an endless line of “booster shots”. It is equally clear with the massive explosion in deaths of a staggering 40% that these “Vaccines”, whomever are behind these them, have ulterior, nefarious motives. When the powers that be are arresting doctors, simply for treating their patients effectively with cheap, safe drugs, banning all discussions and banning Doctors and Scientists from even discussing this publicly something dark is stirring.

Nuremberg Executions
Members of the Media who lied and misled the German People were executed, right along with Medical Doctors and Nurses who participated in medical experiments using Human Beings as guinea pigs.

My assessment of the untested, unapproved, secretly sealed so-called “Vaccines” is that they at this stage cannot be defined as anything but Bio-Weapons. We know the virus itself is a Bio-Weapon. We know Fauci and the Federal Government used American Tax Payer’s Dollars to fund research at a Bio Weapons Lab in Wuhan, Communist China — the most dangerous Dictatorship on the planet. We know they footed the bill for research that was aimed at making naturally occurring viruses found in Pangolins and Bats transferrable to Humans, publicly referred to with the innocuous term “gain of function” research. In this sense, gaining a virus, which otherwise could only infect animals, the function of infecting Human Beings.

This research was banned in Communist China by the International Community after the Communist Chinese Military, the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) had released 11 viruses from their Bio-Weapons Labs within only a decade. And still Fauci flipped the finger at the world and went ahead footing the bill for illegal Bio-Weapons Research in the interior of America’s Enemy Number One: Concentration-Camp-China.

Whether this Marxist Bio-Weapon was released on purpose to destroy the West’s Economies, for which it was perfect in every way, or it was yet another sloppy mishap by the Chinese Communist Party’s ineptitude in handling disease material for Weapons Research, will remain mere speculations at this stage.

What is clear, is that the way the SARS-CoV-2 Virus has been used Politically, has been cataclysmic. It robbed America of an Election, enabling fraudulent measures such as Mail-In Ballots. And is now steering America into a One Party Marxist Dictatorship. The rest of the Free World would soon follow. Marxism would have realized a Century Long Dream:

Total World Domination For Keeps.

We are all but defenseless. Armed Forces Personnel has been faced with the choice, either take the Bio-Weapon Injection or resign. The best and the brightest — the very toughest, most intelligent of soldiers — have refused and resigned. America is now “defended” by a bunch of easily suggestible Social Justice Warrior Personnel under the Marxist Revolutionary Leadership of traitors like General Milley.

And now we are at the core of the problem

When politicians take control over the doctor-patient relationship and starts dictating medicine, we are in a very dark place. Even darker is it when Media become Propagandist for an odious Marxist Apparatus imposing its Dictates upon an enslaved People.

But is People guilt free in all of this? NO! If all of Germans had the good fortune of knowing what would happen through World War 2, they would have risen up and torn down Hitler and his henchmen before they were voted into Power. Some tried. And they did so by joining the Communists. And therein lay

The Biggest Lie of the 20th Century:
“Communism and Nazism were complete opposites”…

— NO —

They were NOT! They were THE SAME!

Hitler started out as a red hot Socialist. He continued his career as a red hot Socialist. He destroyed Germany’s Federalism, and nationalized all the States in the Weimar Republic into a One Big Superstate. Exactly as Communists did, and have done ever since.

Communists and National Socialists didn’t fight each other in the streets of the Weimar Republic because they were the diametrically opposite.

National SocialistS (NAZIS)
fought each other IN GERMANY




But Hitler’s rhetoric and the fact that a few many men of the nobility, whom had lived under the threat of what the Communists had done to the Tsar and his family. In the night of July 17, 1918 the Bolsheviks awoke the Tsar and his family, whom they held prisoner. They marched them down into the basement of Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg and massacred Tsar Nicolai II, his wife Alexandra, four daughters; Grand Duchesses Anastasia, Maria, Olga and Tatiana, the tsarevitch; Alexis, the imperial family’s maid; Demidova, Doctor Botkine and three other members of tsar’s retinue.

To several members of the nobility in Europe, Hitler seemed like a better prospect than the other faction of Marxism; the Communists. They thought of it in terms of self-preservation. Even Viscount Halifax, whom were on the Right Honorable Winston Churchill’s War Cabinet, had Nazi sympathies, and wanted to broker a deal with Hitler. He was removed from the War Cabinet and sent to Washington DC.

The fight between the Marxist factions of National Socialists and Communists in Germany was nothing new. The Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party were divided into several factions (mainly six) before the October Revolution (November) 1917. The main factions were the Bolsheviks (derived from the Russian word bolshinstvo (большинство) meaning majority) and the Mensheviks (from Russian меньшевики́, meaning minority). While the Bolsheviks received Lenin and his henchmen, who had all lived in exile, but returned at the prospects of seizing Power over Russia, the Mensheviks didn’t have the same radical leadership.

One of the Bolsheviks, Leon Trotsky, who lived in New York and secured large sums of money from American Bankers to fuel the revolution. In fact, the hard core of Bolshevik Revolutionaries were Champagne Marxists bringing all the money needed to fool Russian peasants and workers to join them in a Land and Power Grab, “redistributing wealth”. And as usual, the poor became poorer and more enslaved. A slowly modernizing Russia, not unlike European states, was set back into mass hunger and mass death. And the Mensheviks all met a sticky end at the hands of the, anti-christ, inhumane Bolshevik rulers.

If you remember nothing else about Marxism, whether it be Socialisms, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Progressivism etc., remember this. They always start fighting over Power and Money internally. Marxism is Dog Eat Dog.

But the People made it all possible in Soviet Russia.
The People made it all possible in Fascist Italy.
The People made it all possible in Nazi Germany.
The People made it all possible in Mao’s Dictatorship, China.

In every Marxist Country, only a fraction of the People has actually participated in the Revolution. But the Revolutions have been made possible by

  1. People not speaking up and fighting against Marxist Tyranny, whether it has been in the shape and form of Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Socialism, Progressivism and even Anarchism, and sub-ideologies like Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism etc.
  2. People even supporting Marxist Tyranny, hoping it would spare them in the end, and even buying into the promises of “equality”, “social justice”, “anti racism”, the big clincher “Free Stuff” or which ever banner the local Marxist Tyrant Kings & Queens are flying that particular day.

Except for the few who are Satanic enough to step over their fellow man’s enslavement, death and destruction and psychopathically clever enough to parasitically squeeze the system — the many, the tired, the poor, the huddled masses are enslaved to a tyrannical system where they are regarded as a resource, like minerals, coal, oil wood, etc to be exploited, with no rights at all. Not even the most basic of human rights. The Marxist Dictator will — and is — chopping people and selling the butchered pieces for spare parts.

American willingly signing a petition to send other Americans to Concentration Camps, simply because they won’t take the China Virus Bio-Weapon “Vaccine” are Americans that are also fine with people being slaughtered alive for parts, for the Communists Profit in Concentration-Camp-China.

We are living in extremely dangerous times. The China Virus and the following Bio-Weapon “Vaccines”, which have been mandated, while safe and effective alternatives have been banned, have left us all but defenseless. Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of our Armed Forces who have taken the “Vaccines” are now ticking time bombs. If they survived the first injection(s), and didn’t suffer any of the long series of typical detrimental Auto Immune Reactions we have seen thus far, far outweighing any epidemiological figures from the disease itself, they are still at a horrible risk. Pathogenic Priming means that any future infection may trigger a deadly reaction.

If indeed this was a deliberate attack as part of Communist China’s ‘Unrestricted Warfare‘ (mass immigration, mass influx of dangerous narcotics, economic warfare, political warfare, enslavement of countries and whole continents, stealing intellectual property and weapons technology, lobbying for Communist China etc. etc.), it isn’t unthinkable that the Communist Scientists in the CCP also have found a mild and innocuous infection, a flu or something of that nature, that they know will take advantage of the “Vaccinated” victims in the West, to trigger a Lethal Immune Reaction. It is mere speculation. But Marxism, Satan’s Own Religion has an infinite capacity for Pure Evil.

We have let down our guard. Just as with Germany after the Great War (WWI), everybody was sure that Germany would develop into a peaceful and prosperous nation. Instead the world got a Marxist Parasite, hellbent on stealing what they needed and enslaving their Parasitic Hosts.

The naïve West thought after the fall of the Iron Curtain that Communist China would become a peaceful and prosperous, Capitalist Nation. Instead we have a Communist China more Parasitic than ever, which didn’t turn to Capitalism, but instead has devised a Mercantilistic System to suck the West dry of Capital, almost all of which has gone into Weapons Production and Arming the biggest Army in the world for the Greatest of Wars, which Dictator For Life, Xi Jinping now boasts about at every opportunity. We have given them our industrial production capacity. The factory jobs necessary to win a war against China, was shipped to China under Obama and his henchman, Beijing Biden. President Trump tried his very best to bring back those jobs. With the stolen 2020 Election, America is laid by American Marxists as a lamb before Marxist China’s Slaughter.

“Democrat” Marxists
— The Kings & Queens and their “Useful Idiot” Voters and Agitprops

The “Democrat” Marxists in America can be categorized like any other Marxist Cadre in two tiers.

There is the Tyrant and his henchmen on the top, although who that Tyrant is in America is still a covert issue, but Comrade Barack Hussein Obama would be a good, educated guess. An American Marxist with no official standing in the current Illegal, Illegitimate Federal Government, whom nevertheless pops up regularly at its representative international functions is more than just an Ex-President…

Then there is the tier of what Marxists have called “The Useful Idiots” ever since the first Marxist Revolution took place. They are the “lining” of the first Mass Murdering Marxists’ Mass Graves, whenever they have control over an area. The reason is simple. “The Useful Idiots” have been indoctrinated in the dirty tricks used by Marxist Leaders to win Power. When “A Useful Idiot” discovers what he has been fighting for, he is likely to turn on the new Masters. So, any good Marxist Revolution opens their Mass Graves by filling them with “The Useful Idiots” to make sure they don’t derail the Revolution by turning on the Leaders.

This tier consists of naïve people whom are unable to grasp the fact that the Road To Hell is paved with Good Intentions. They wholeheartedly believe they are working for something good. And they walk straight into “The Useful Idiot’s” Trap.

This is no doubt why Marxism takes such great care in hijacking the language (as this PragerU video touches on) for their own nefarious purposes.

  • They call themselves “Democrats“, because only swines are against Democracy, right?
  • They call themselves “Progressives“, because only the backwards and undeveloped would want to argue against “Progress”.
  • You have the DDR, as East Germany called itself; the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, or in English the German Democratic Republic which was ruled in a fashion which would have made Hitler proud.
  • They call it the PRC, the People’s Republic of China, although the People doesn’t really own or control anything, and they never have since Tyrant Mao massacred his way through many, many tens of Millions of Human Beings to Power.
  • They call North Korea the DPRK, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, eluding to South Korea, the Republic of Korea, not being governed by the People, while it is the other way around. North Korea is an open Concentration Camp of 25 Million People, where people starve to death in the millions, even with massive aid from the “Capitalist Swines of the Decadent West”. Much like Stalin, they let much of the aid rot away or sell it on to other countries fora profit. Meanwhile their Tyrant Leaders headed by the Dynasty’s latest spawn, Kim Jung-Un live in high palatial luxury (and it shows! There are no emaciated body on that tribune!).

The US Marxist Shadow Government, which is really calling the shots, may be hidden from view, from focus and attention and extremely hard question of why the principles of

🇺🇸The Declaration of Independence
🇺🇸Constitution &
🇺🇸Bill of Rights

have been set aside.

The overt part of this “Government” are steering America on a cataclysmic collision course. They will make a drum of their own mothers’ skin to sound their own praises, while willfully enslaving their fellow American and hand the reigns over to Concentration-Camp-China and thus, pitch the world into ‘A Thousand Years Of Darkness‘.

So, it is no wonder that the easily suggestible, albeit a solid minority, are being fed Propaganda and acting accordingly. They are loud. They believe absolutely that they are on some sort of moral high ground. And they act like all Useful Idiots have acted before them, brainwashed into imposing their will, exert control and abuse of power on other Americans who just want to live the American Dream as the Founders gifted all Americans with:

  • Life
  • Liberty and
  • The Pursuit of Happiness

Having watched the video below, and considering all the things we have touched on above, it is truly horrifying how far California has come to becoming Nazifornia.

So, let’s take a look at his video first, and then we will elaborate on why this is extremely dangerous.

Did you catch all that. Some Americans in this video reacted exactly how one would expect an American to react, with anger and disgust at the mere suggestion of demolishing the Basic Principles that are America. The same basic principles that have made America a Beacon of Liberty in this world up until now. Thank God!

But Mark Dice, while another Anti-American Useful Idiot signs the made up Death Warrant on her neighbors, even caught the Friendly Neighborhood Nazi on tape, shouting:
«You’re supposed to stand six feet away from everybody, sir! You can’t do that!»
Six feet… Another one of those Pseudo-Scientific things that are dreamt up by “Democrat” Marxist Politicians whom just love to watch their Slaves “sing and dance” at their tiniest whims.

Ten Stages Of Genocide

Now let’s review the TEN STAGES OF GENOCIDE and see how close we get to an AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

  • Stage 1, Check!
  • Stage 2, Check!
  • Stage 3, Check!
  • Stage 4, Check!
  • Stage 5, Check!
  • Stage 6, Check!
  • Stage 7, Check!

Although this video doesn’t encompass all of these points, they have been covered widely in what we like to call MSM, Mainstream Media, AKA:
🇨🇳Malignant🇨🇳Seductive🇨🇳Marxists since this Plannedemic started…!

What this video demonstrates is that we have reached number 7 on the list. When People are willing to sign a petition to remove the Deplorable Un-“Vaccinated” individuals from Society, in reality send them to a Concentration Camp, contrary to the most basic of human rights, and moreover, in direct contravention with the US Constitution & Bill of Rights, you can rest assured;

A soldier dips his hands into a crate full of rings confiscated from prisoners in Buchenwald Concentration Camp, 1945.

The Tyrannical Californian Marxist Dictatorship’s Odious Apparatus won’t be far behind, and will be all too pleased to refer to “the People’s wishes” when they remove and destroy their political opponents and confiscate their properties in the best Parasitic Marxist Fashion.

And Stage 10 on TEN STAGES OF GENOCIDE is more or less irrelevant. When it comes to this, Communist China and Communist Russia are saber rattling and chomping at the bit for Total World Supremacy. If we let them succeed, who in the Future will even remember or care about the victims that were massacred in Nazifornia back in 2022?

This is why we will fight!
We will Free California and We Will Free America!
And the World will taste Freedom yet again!
We Will Win This War!
That is the only way we and Future Generations can enjoy the Freedoms we in the West have grown up with.

If you’re interested, sign up today!

This is what they do to the maskless. If this reminds you of Jews and other “Unerwünschte”/Unwanted people being chased through the streets of Germany after Hitler took Power, you have just identified how easily Marxist Governments can instigate Genocide. Source Unknown.

This video was restricted from YouTube, but we decided to post it here as an example on Points 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 in effect on Ten Stages Of Genocide. This video was posted on Twitter. Source unknown.


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