About NorwayForTRUMP

NorwayForTRUMP.com / Norway4TRUMP.com is run by a Norwegian fmr. Conservative Politician, Scientist, Officer & Business Leader with many years experience in voluntary humanitarian aid work. It is kept anonymous because the editor has received severe death threats against his family for simply talking about the realities of Political Islam and the dangers it and the kindred ideology, Marxism, poses to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

This blog is a Defense for America her Liberties and the importance of possibly the greatest American President in US History. That is a bold claim, and it is not the Editor’s claim that President Trump is by any means flawless or doesn’t make mistake. It is simply stating the fact that when the Last, Best Hope for the Free World is in jeopardy, an extremely courageous brave and capable man and his family has stepped forward and become the stopgap between Civilization and Tyranny.
That man is President Donald J. Trump.
Never before, not even when the Republican President Abraham Lincoln laid his life on the line in defense of the Republic, was the enemy this dangerous as we see it today.

Yes, it is true that the so-called “Democratic” Party threatened to rip the Union apart by going to war over the right to own slaves and run slave plantations. The so-called “Democrats” went to a bloody, brutal Civil War to defend a very rich, very influential and very powerful 3% of the population in the South who found it reasonable to enslave their fellow man to do hard manual labor and to become rich on the slaves’ sweat, blood and tears.

The so-called “Democratic” Party never changed. They only changed tactics. From their cooperation in forming Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany through their Marxist betrayal through the Cold War up until today, they have always marched to the Totalitarian Drumbeat.

Today, with their mighty ally, the Nuclear Communist Dictatorship China, under Dictator for Life Xi, they aim to enslave the entire world. Their dream of Total World Domination is only held back by the Patriot, particularly the American Patriot, Christianity and Judaism and a man who is not a member of their Globalist Club. With the aid of their mesmerizing technology, they have undermined the will of the People, they have shattered True Democracy and tried to steal the 2020 Election.

If we, the True Conservatives, Christians and Jews let them, not only will our – the most glorious Culture ever to have risen in Human History – fail. We will all be enslaved, and Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness will cease to exist.

With this blog we hope to inspire and share information about Current Events, History, Politics, Political Ideologies, Culture and Religion. In the Age of Oppression, speaking the Truth becomes a Revolutionary Act. This is a REVOLUTIONARY BLOG.

We will not go like sheep to the Marxist Slaughter.