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Welcome to NorwayForTRUMP.com

Norwegians, Americans and Norwegian Americans have always had a close relationship through peace and war, through poverty and prosperity. From the time where the first european, the Viking Leiv Erikson discovered America (Vinland/Newfoundland) – and all the way through The Cold War – until today, many Norwegians have travelled to America to build  and defend our common heritage. Many Americans have travelled the opposite way across the Atlantic to work with and study with The Norwegian People, and to live and work with each other, learn from each other and build prosperity together.

During World War 2 there was serious plans to open up a Second Front in Norway.

During the height of the Cold War, Norway, because of our geographical location, became the North Atlantic bastion of America and the Free World. Bodø AFB routinely had the famous U-2 spy planes and later the SR-71 Blackbird arriving or departing from vital Peace Missions over the Soviet Union. Myself and my family have worked for the military and even American Intelligence, back in the day they were actually fighting the Enemy rather than spying on innocent Americans.

Now we are at pivotal crossrads again. All the real liberal values are at stake, and the Time Is Up. Not only is America staring total war and annihilation in the face, but so does the entire Western Cultural Heritage and way of life as well.

The Time To Act Is Now.

We hope to strengthen the Norwegian-American cooperation through knowledge. We hope that President Trump will win a reelection – it is the only way out of this mess – and that the relationship between Norway and America will strengthen further. The reason is simple. President Trump is the last, best hope for the survival of the Free World.

Communist China and Putin’s Communist Russia are aligned to take control of the world. The Russian leadership is of course too stupid to realize that once Communist China rules, they will be the next target for their enormous resources.

We hope and believe that Americans and Norwegian-Americans will understand that the same unsavory, self-appointed Establishment Elite, who sold America out, is the same Elite that has been chipping away at Norway. It is the same elite that gave Barack Hussein Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, even before he had shown which president he would be – the mass drone killing, drug killing kind – and before his nefarious intentions became clear to most people; -A Marxist America.

If the only information you get comes from Mainstream Media (MSM) – you will have formed a wrong and dangerous impression of who the two main candidates in the 2020 Presidential Election of The United States are. One will build and make America prosperous again – the other will set us all on the course of annihilation.

In this short blog we hope to raise awareness of the divisive and very dangerous so-called “Democratic” Party and what they have evolved into. The same party that is now demanding “a peaceful transition of power” once they have stolen the 2020 Election, is the same Marxist Party that went to war on President Trump, his supporters and the American People when he won the 2016 Election. The self-enriching politician, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was a student of none other than the communist agitator and “community organizer”, Saul Alinsky. She showed utter incompetence at just about everything she has did for the past 30+ years, except in dominating, and controlling the people around her. She was as Secretary of State under Obama responsible for the growth of the “Arabic Spring” and the spawning of Islamic State (IS / ISIS).

But above all, we hope to raise awareness of the tough, intelligent and highly successful businessman and philanthropist, President Donald J. Trump.

From the European discovery of The New World, North America to the 2020 Election, Norwegian and American Patriots have stood shoulder to shoulder to defend the true Liberal Values and Freedom

Valget er klart! Trump!