🇺🇸 My Heart Sinks when I see what I believe is #TheGreatestPatriotsOnEarth express defeat. FRIENDS! Now is the time the FIGHT begins! The first big lawsuits haven't begun yet! American soldiers have faced much, much worse in their dire moments and PREVAILED! Take it from a Warrior: This is NOT the time to lose Heart!

REFERENCES N4T PUBLICATIONS – Anti-Corona Weapons Manual For Everyone

Decades of life-saving work collected and presented to you for FREE. You can help others save their life by donating this article to them! COVID-19 is not more lethal than a Mild Flu, and governments persisting in illegal lockdowns and theft of Tax Payer's money must immediately be held PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE through major Class Action Lawsuits! The unapproved "vaccines" with completely unknown short- and long-term effects for the treatment of a COLD are not only unethical. They are Crimes Against Humanity!

President Trump gives Putin a rap on his Nuclear Knuckles – 50,000 troops land in Norway

I've lost count of how many times the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and Russia have threatened to use nuclear weapons against countries, not willing to shut up and follow Kremlin's orders, in the past few years. Even countries like Denmark, which poses no threat to Russia in trade or militarily (even though the country controls … Continue reading President Trump gives Putin a rap on his Nuclear Knuckles – 50,000 troops land in Norway

Cold War Radio – CWR#459 – What Can the Collapse of the Whig Party Tell Us About Today’s Politics? And More…

TRUMP FAN retains his Chess World Champion Title in Historic Game!

The Current Chess World Champion, Norwegian Magnus Carlsen - an avid Donald Trump fan - just won his Chess World Champion Title again! It is his third consecutive victory.