TRUMP FAN retains his Chess World Champion Title in Historic Game!

The Current Chess World Champion, Norwegian Magnus Carlsen – an avid Donald Trump fan – just won his Chess World Champion Title again! It is his third consecutive victory.

Sergey Karjakin (right) congratulates Magnus Carlsen (left) with his third consecutive Chess World Champion title just before 7 pm in New York.

The match is best of 12. After seven consecutive draws, Karjakin won the eighth game. Carlsen evened the score by winning the tenth game. All other games were drawn, leaving the match at a 6-6 tie, meaning that Tie Breaks had to be played November 30.


Tie Breaks ended in a tie the first game of rapid chess today. The second game was a win for Grand Master Carlsen. Going into the third game of the day with Carlsen 1.5 points vs Karjakin’s 0.5 points Carlsen needed a tie or a win to retain his title of Chess World Champion. Magnus played fast and Karjakin, although being ranked as #3 in rapid chess in the world struggled with time. Carlsen played masterfully and took home the victory.

Magnus Carlsen openly admitted he is a great Donald Trump fan. In many ways, Donald Trump’s ingenious strategies has a lot of similarities with Carlsen’s style on the chess board.

After Magnus Carlsen admitted he liked Trump’s style he was attacked viciously by the media. That is nothing new as we know. The attacks haven’t had any significant impacts on Carlsen’s confidence.

Carlsen was a chess prodigy. He became a chess Grandmaster in 2004, at the age of 13 years, 148 days. This made him the third-youngest grandmaster in history.

Magnus Carlsen has been a World Champion since 2013 and the discussion is now if Carlsen should be called the greatest Chess World Champion in the world throughout history.

December 30. 2016 is Magnus Carlsen’s 26. birthday, and according to his team, Carlsen will celebrate his birthday and his Chess World Champion title with Champaign and good food with his team in New York City tonight.

Congratulations, Magnus! World Champion title number 3 was well deserved!

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 01.03.08.jpg
Chess World Champion The Norwegian Magnus Carlsen (left) and Challenger Russian Sergey Karjakin (right)

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