BlackOutCNN Party – It’s happening!!!

All across the world people are protesting by taking down CNN for their election fraud, lying, cheating and racial hatred.

On hashtags like…

…people are sending photos of their TV screens as they activate Parental Control to block CNN and other MSMs (Mainstream Media). They are also pledging not to click on links from these lying, hating, biased media anymore.


The People has protested like this before against the supermarket Macy’s last year, when Macy’s tried to meddle for the Clinton Crime Family in the election. The protest and customers turning their backs to Macy’s broke the chains business model.

After that came a recent boycott of the National Football League and the latest was the slamming of Pepsi when racist, bigoted Hillary Clinton supporter and CEO of PepsiCo tried to stir up hatred and fear against Donald J. Trump after he was elected President of The United States. Pepsi Stocks plummeted.

PepsiCo stocks tanked after CEO Indra Nooyi – a staunch Clinton supporter – tried stirring up hatred against Trump voters.

Lies, racial divide and propaganda DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE! The People is Wide Awake! And CNN’s cheating by giving Hillary Clinton the questions before the debate, producing fake polls, lying about Trump’s policies and propagating totalitarian ideas like communism and islam will cost CNN.

Viewers now stop listening to the lies, stop clicking MSM links and tonight block CNN by using Parental Control, which sends a signal back to advertisers that CNN isn’t worth wasting more advertising money on. It is going to cost you, CNN. A lot.

➽ Are you blocking? Send photo on twitter: @Norway4TRUMP, Facebook:

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