BlackOutCNN Party – It’s happening!!!

All across the world people are protesting by taking down CNN for their election fraud, lying, cheating and racial hatred. On hashtags like... #BlackOutCNN #BoycottCNN #DespiseTheLies #BoycottMSM #FakeNews ...people are sending photos of their TV screens as they activate Parental Control to block CNN and other MSMs (Mainstream Media). They are also pledging not to click … Continue reading BlackOutCNN Party – It’s happening!!!

Force Honesty into CNN 11/20

On November 20th at midnight; •  for those who have cable TV. Block Mainstream Media using The Parental Control Function. That will send a signal back to the cable companies and spread panick among advertisers and shareholders. •  Delete any CNN and other Mainstream Media Apps •  for the rest of us. Stop clicking on ANY links leading to CNN, MSNBC, BBC Washington Post, New York Times etc.!