Urgent! – Help Save America!

Help Hillsdale College, the small, Christian, Classical Liberal Arts College in southern Michigan that operates INDEPENDENTLY of all Government Funding in spreading their K-12 Charter Schools across America and help Homeschooling Parents, so that children may be educated in the inseparable purposes of Hillsdale College; Character, Faith and Freedom. This is nothing short of helping the survival and thriving of America in the Future.

It’s over. Or is it? Now the true face of Tyranny will show itself.

The UK has declared that it's over. No more mandates, and the hospitalization is actually below the annual national average. It's over. Or is it? In the weeks and months to come, my guess is that the grip will actually be tightened in American States under the odious apparatus of the Marxist State.

Your Immediate Reaction Required! IMMINENT Destruction of America!

"Democrat" Marxists are trying to sneak the most destructive legislation into law, effectively making America a Marxist One Party DICTATORSHIP. If you ever cared about America in any sense, contacting your Senators, regardless of party and stopping this Marxist Parasitic Attack on America may be the most important time you have ever spent!

The Most Important #15MINUTES of American History [video]

If enough American Men & Women watch this film, understand its significance and ACT accordingly by working Day & Night to call a Convention Of States, America will be saved and so will the Free World! That is why these are the Most Important #15MINUTES in American History!

This will energize you, guaranteed (video)

So, you've had a rough day at the office, or you're sick and tired of the endless 24/7/365 stream of #FakeNews. Maybe you've heard another lie served up by the Anti-American Communists in the so-called "Democratic" Party. Perhaps you've already decided to #WalkAway from their mission to destroy America and the entire Western World. Whatever the reason … Continue reading This will energize you, guaranteed (video)

TONIGHT CWR#633: Sex Crime Expert and Body Language Expert tear Ford’s testimony apart

This is Radio Norway's story for tonight's show on Cold War Radio #633. The accuser of President Trump's Supreme Court Justice Nominee, the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh, has had her credibility - not only questioned - but destroyed. On September 27. a body language expert meticulously dissected Ford's testimony. I made similar comments on Friday's episode of … Continue reading TONIGHT CWR#633: Sex Crime Expert and Body Language Expert tear Ford’s testimony apart

Trevor Loudon – Exclusive Interview

Make sure to tune into Cold War Radio on Monday January 29. for an exclusive interview with the world renowned author, Trevor Loudon. You'll find the show on among other platforms, www.spreaker.com/show/cold-war-radio 7-8 PM EST. Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker and public speaker from Christchurch, New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, … Continue reading Trevor Loudon – Exclusive Interview

The Democratic Party’s Nazi Heritage

Did you know that the Democratic Party is the Party of Racism? Did you know that the Democratic Party's race laws was used by the Nazis when they created their race laws?

Cold War Radio – CWR#446 Erdogan Says Yes Vote Best Response To ‘Fascist Europe’

I had a great time co-hosting Cold War Radio tonight with my buddy Hutch Bailie Jr (for his excellent homepage click here where you also can find the show notes for tonight's show). Normally I co-host every Monday on Cold War Radio, but due to technical difficulties yesterday, I stepped in on tonight's show instead. In tonight's show you … Continue reading Cold War Radio – CWR#446 Erdogan Says Yes Vote Best Response To ‘Fascist Europe’

BlackOutCNN Party – It’s happening!!!

All across the world people are protesting by taking down CNN for their election fraud, lying, cheating and racial hatred. On hashtags like... #BlackOutCNN #BoycottCNN #DespiseTheLies #BoycottMSM #FakeNews ...people are sending photos of their TV screens as they activate Parental Control to block CNN and other MSMs (Mainstream Media). They are also pledging not to click … Continue reading BlackOutCNN Party – It’s happening!!!