Salute American Brother’s and Sister

Eng.: On this Veterans Day 2016 – November 11th – with so much Hope coming to Life in America, I salute my American Brothers and Sister in Arms. The World must never forget that the New Dawn that now comes to fruition with Hope and Change for a better, more Stable and Prosperous America and World, is built on the Blood, Sweat, Tears and Sacrifice of those who have served to protect Democracy against the totalitarian onslaughts.

‘Norway4Trump’ Vow; I will never forget you…



Nor.: På denne Veterans Day 2016 – 11. November – med så mye håp som spirer i Amerika, hilser jeg mine amerikanske våpenbrødre og -søstre. Verden må aldri glemme at det nye morgengry som nå er i ferd med å bli virkelighet med Håp og Endring til et bedre, mer stabilt og fremgangsrikt Amerika og Verden, er bygget på blod, svette, tårer og offer fra de som har tjenestegjort for å beskytte demokratiet mot de totalitære angrepene.

‘Norway4Trump’ sverger; Jeg vil aldri glemme dere…


2 thoughts on “Salute American Brother’s and Sister

  1. It seems that Norwegians are more accepting of Donald Trump that some of our spoon-fed little snowflakes here in America. Also seems they had no problem electing a guy who was:

    1. born in Hawaii to a communist mother, Ann Dunham, who idolized “the third world” as vanguard of The Revolution and spent her life trying to get away from “evil” Amerikkka,

    2. Dunham put Barry (Obama’s real name) together with communist poet “uncle Frank” Marshall Davis so he would have a more suitable role model when her second husband Soetero was “becoming too American” (quote from a NYT profile),

    3. Obama goes to New York, probably meets Bill Ayers in the anti-Pershing Cruise missiles and anti-Apartheid protests, which were heavily infiltrated/led by Soviet agents (as became clear in Europe after the archives opened – to be clear: decolonization was a good cause, but very much exploited by the Soviet Union to back up their failing empire),

    4. in 1983 Obama writes boilerplate Soviet propaganda piece Breaking the War Mentality for SDS/Weather Underground affiliated student magazine, Sundial,

    5. Obama attends socialist leadership conferences,

    6. Obama’s career starts taking off, he gets into the most expansive and prestigious universities, becomes editor in chief of the Harvard Law Review without ever having written much,

    7. Obama publishes an autobiography at 28, a sanitized version of his life to make him acceptable for political office, probably edited/ghost written by his neighbor Bill Ayers,

    8. Obama launches his political career in Bill Ayers living room for thinly disguised post-Soviet communist party The New Party … Fast forward: American President Obama takes the lead in foreign policy from his former KGB buddies in Russia. Individuals in the CIA out a silly Russia spy ring during Medvedev’s visit to the White House.

    And you believe that democrats are concerned about America and our future after they gave us 8 years of a “Manchurian Candidate?” You cannot be too evil to be a democrat – it just ain’t possible.


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