What You Need To Do With America As A Fascist Dictatorship

September 1, 2022 was a watershed moment in Human History.

America is now de facto a Fascist Dictatorship.

The Freest, Most Prosperous Country on Earth has finally been brought down by Agents of the Darkest Forces of Mankind: Marxists.

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There are many branches on the Marxist Tree. Indeed, its roots are ancient, and Fascism is a relatively new branch on the Family Tree of Destruction.

MARXISM, (Socialisms, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Progressivism and Marxism’s sub-ideologies like Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, “Wokeism”, “Social Justice”, Cancel Culture etc.) has killed more than a Quarter of a BILLION Human Beings in a little over a Century.

And now… — It is ruling America.

I do not watch many Biden Speeches. Who wants to waste their time watching a Senile Usurper in Chief who can’t put two words together to form a sentence?

Still, as I was invited to do a show with my old buddies over at Cold War Radio yesterday, the Editor, Hutch Bailie Jr. made me aware of a monumental speech by the finely drugged ventriloquist doll, which he delivered with eerily clarity in front of none other building than the very Birthplace of America, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, draped in demonic red lighting, like a giant flag of Communist China.

It was the Birthplace of America.
It may have become the Deathplace of America.
It is now up to YOU.

It was a scene out of Hell.

And Hell is what Biden and his Puppet Master, Obama is promising to every Freedom Loving American.

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This is a diabolical speech of Evil right out of Hitler’s Playbook, trying to deceive the American People.
In 1935 it was “the Jews, the Gypsies, the Slavs”.
In 2022 it is “the MAGA Republicans and ultimately ‘We The People’ of America and the World.

Leni Riefenstahl, Hitler’s favorite filmmaker, would presumably have directed this obscene scene in America exactly like it was presented on Thursday.

This is America’s version of ‘Triumph des Willens‘, the Nazi Nuremberg Propaganda Movie, ‘Triumph of the Will‘. And the speech made it perfectly clear what the “Democrat” Marxists’ Will is:

The Destruction of every Freedom Loving, Constitution Defending American!

  • 🇨🇳 In 1935 it was “the Jews”.
  • 🇨🇳 In 2022 it is “the MAGA Republican” and ultimately the entire American People and the Free World.

Every Man, Woman and Child not willing to submit to the “Democrat” Marxists’ plan to destroy America and let Xi Jinping and Marxist China rule the World under the New World Order, were branded traitors in this demonic speech.

  • ⚠️ To be harassed,
  • ⚠️ To be hunted down,
  • ⚠️ To be enslaved and ultimately
  • ⚠️ To be destroyed by the “Democrat” Marxist Military Dictatorship.

These are dangerous times.

What To Do and What Not To Do

President Trump called out Biden on TruthSocial, saying that “he [Biden] must be insane, or suffering from late stage dementia!”

It is a horrible, sinking feeling to watch this grotesque, fictional film scene come into reality in the very country of its origin, the United States of America, in front of the Birthplace of America, Liberty Hall, Philadelphia…
«So this is how Liberty dies… With thunderous applause…»

Let me assure you, although Biden delivered this speech and every indication is that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s Dementia, he did not write that speech.

Madness it is, but it is an all to familiar, LETHAL Madness:


The Puppet Master’s Speech Writers wrote that speech. And it does, as President Trump points out, threaten Military Force on the American People.
What does that mean?
They need an Excuse.
An Excuse for Concentration Camps.
An Excuse for Extermination Camps.
If MAGA Republicans won’t give them that, they will probably make up a False Flag Excuse.

Pentagon is not quietly preparing Military Force against Civilian Americans on American Soil.

Which is why this message I am giving you now is Urgent.
And this message is VITAL.

Do NOT provoke these Fascists!

Let them start the Violence this time too!

In the meantime, the Constitution is still in effect!

Pray to God, like you have never prayed before, that we have enough time.

I talked on the show last night about FreedomTeams🇺🇸:

There are now three Main Avenues of Action, and there is no time to lose:

  • 🇺🇸 Form your own FreedomTeam🇺🇸 — People you can trust with your Life, preferably no less than 3 and no more than 5 members. Do not meet when there are any electronic devices around. Follow the Law of Laws in America, the Constitution. Follow this blog! We will bring you further information, as our research into the FreedomTeams🇺🇸 Grassroots Phenomenon that is spreading throughout America becomes more clear.
  • 🇺🇸 Get involved in the Precinct Strategy, and pick Candidates that are willing to sign a Voter Contract, stating that they will step down from office immediately if they betray the Platform they ran their campaign on. Half of the Precinct Committeeman positions are open, a quarter are occupied by True Conservatives and a Quarter by RINOs and Crony Capitalist Marxists. With ¾ of the Precinct Committeeman positions, you take back the Republican Party. Then you can take back and Free America, and Make America Great Again!
  • 🇺🇸 Get involved in Convention of States work. By now you will have learnt what the Founding Documents say is the Law of the Land.
    A Convention of States is necessary as soon as possible, as a Stop Gap Measure, to take back control of America ASAP, and get the Enemy of the American People, the “Democrat” Marxists and their Agents in the Republican Party brought to Justice for Treason for aiding a Foreign Power, Communist China, destroy America! Direct control of State’s representatives, and an expanded Convention of States will be necessary. This can only be achieved by a massive effort of a grassroots action. Freedom Teams may just be such a grassroots action. Each Team so small, they are impossible to pin down, so many Teams, that they are impossible to stop.

I do not need to press upon you, Ladies and Gentlemen, what we are up against. Nor the Late Hour.

The most Lethal Ideology in World History, with already a Quarter BILLION Human Deaths to its name is now ruling America. That can only mean one thing:


War on American Soil. Concentration Camps, Slave Labor and Death Camps will be next. Let us all Pray and Act, so that Xi Jinping and his Demons, both in China, Russia and the “Democrat” Marxists in America will not get what they want:


This is where every American Patriot have you chance to show that you are worthy of the Great Trust the Founders placed upon you to do your duty in times like these.

May God Keep Us And Bless Us All

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