It’s over. Or is it? Now the true face of Tyranny will show itself.

Paul Joseph Watson

The UK has declared that it’s over. No more mandates, and the hospitalization is actually below the annual national average.

It’s over.

Or is it?

In the weeks and months to come, my guess is that the grip will actually be tightened in American States under the odious apparatus of the Marxist State. There is no way American “Democrat” Marxists will give up on all that lovely, juicy, illegal and utterly unmandated POWER! Not unless they’ve got some better earner lined up.

It might be over in the UK.

For now.

But let me assure you: —It is far from over, overall. All the victims of injections with epitopes that are Immune Disruptors and even worse, those epitopes that are Pathogenic Primers. Not to mention all those who have had unknown, secret sequences of RNA injected into them. RNA that we know can be transcribed into Human DNA. We have absolutely no way of checking this because of the cloak and dagger show of the Marxists in charge. And even if we did, unforeseen consequences may arise in people and may even be passed on for generations, potentially to the detriment of the Peoples whom were forced into partake in our days’ Dr. Mengele Experiments.

We have absolutely no way of knowing when a cataclysmic Immune Response will take place in a person from the Pathogenic Priming effects of the aforementioned epitopes. They are immunological ticking time bombs. Heaven forbid it is occurring in two airline pilots as their ship flies over a densely populated city, or killing the man or woman or child whom one day were going to save Humanity, or parts of it.

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It’s over. — Paul Joseph Watson

COVID-19, a Bio-Weapon, financed by American Tax Payers’ Dollars, thanks to Dr. Death — Anthony Fauci and his cronies in the Federal US Government, did irreparable damage. Suicides skyrocketing, people dying because they were refused treatment by Health Care Workers, whom should know better than to trust a bunch of Lysenkoist Pseudo-Scientists. And then there is the BACKBONE of our existence in Freedom, the Foundation of our societies, the small businesses, which have been killed off as efficiently as a regular Holocaust. This was yet another attack in this WW3, which started on January 29. 1979 at 10:02 AM EST. And it will be far from the last attack in Comrade Xi’s ‘Unrestricted Warfare‘ to destroy the West and rule the world forever.

Whether or not this Bio-Weapon was released on purpose, we now stand all but defenseless, as the Marxists squeezed out the most intelligent people of our professional soldiering with their Bio-Weapon Injection Mandates. Our Economy is in ruins, and the manufacturing jobs that are essential for winning a modern war, are moved to the Scourge of Humanity; Communist China.

But still, we have Faith that we will battle it out. And we have Faith…

We Will Win This War
— In The End…

But you will probably be called upon to fight.
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