The Most Important #15MINUTES of American History [video]

Hands down! Through my adult life a passionate hobby of mine has been to study History. The areas of History that have interested me the most has been the two wars that have impacted my life directly; World War 2 and the Cold War. But also Ancient History and especially the brutal Islamic Invasions and Christianity’s fight for survival. But American History is the most fascinating of all. And it is fascinating for one reason: The Founders.

The Founders of America managed to build the most impressive Nation the world has ever seen after having defeated the strongest military power on Earth; Great Britain. And they did so against absolutely all odds! You could say it was Divine Providence that made the USA possible.

On July 1. 1776 a United States of America seemed far from certain. With no Army, no Navy and very little money, one man — John Adam — and his powerful words convinced the Colonists of Philadelphia to risk everything they had on creating this magnificent nation. If they succeeded, they would have a hard battle of forming the new Nation and safeguard it against future Tyranny. If they failed, they would all hang and their properties and any wealth they had would be confiscated.

The founders knew what Tyranny was. Tyranny back in the 1770s was bad enough, but still, nothing like the Tyranny now rising over the world. If the Founders observed the Tyranny in New Beijing DC (Washington DC) today, they would be utterly horrified. They would certainly be asking what their fellow Americans were thinking to have let it come to this.

Luckily, we might say, the Founders made Provisions for the American People to thwart Tyranny. They knew it well enough, and they knew Human Nature well enough, to be sure that it would return to America at some point. And it has. Gradually over the past five decades Tyranny has risen out of Washington DC and the apparent two parties have fused into one, keeping the American people constantly busy arguing over their Policies.

That has to stop now. America and the Free World is running out of time.

The Tyranny rising now, MUST BE STOPPED! If it isn’t, with today’s technology, there is absolutely nowhere on the surface of the planet to hide. There is nowhere on the planet where it will be possible to gather and mount any resistance. Total surveillance over several decades can pinpoint anyone anywhere. That is why the American People together must act now to save us from Chinese Total World Domination. And remember; in just a little over a Century, Marxism has killed a Quarter of a BILLION People. And they are still killing People in the Millions. And now they control all three branches of the Fed.Govt., the unelected Deep State and the Fourth Estate.

One of the provisions the founders made, was the second part of Article V of the Constitution of the United States of America. I have never seen it better explained than by HistoryBee. That is the reason I say that her 15 minute video are the Most Important #15MINUTES of American History!


Because, if enough American Men & Women watch this film, understand its significance and ACT accordingly by working Day & Night to call a Convention Of States, America will be saved and so will the Free World!

No one is coming to rescue us. We must rescue ourselves. And we must do it legally! Any other action will bring Communist China & Russia upon America and the Free World in no time flat!

  • So, please watch this Liberty & Life-Saving Video!
  • Please share it!
  • And please, please stop arguing about the treasonous Politicians’ Policies, and start ACTING like A People on Principles! THE People who actually is the Source of ALL Power in America!
  • Let us pray that the 13th Generation of Americans not be the one which failed America and let her be destroyed!

Go to and sign the petition. Get others to sign the petition. Pressure every and all State elected representatives to get this going in each state. And help the People in other States to get their States over the finish line.

⚠️ We regret to inform that HistoryBee who made a series of great videos on History tied in with Current Events has lost faith in American Politics, the American System and believes America is headed for a cataclysmic disaster along with the Free World. Unfortunately she is right that this indeed will be the ultimate consequence of the failures of the 13th Generation of Americans to uphold what the previous 12 generations of Americans managed through their hardships and wars. But there are still a few MONTHS of FREEDOM left. We believe that it is crucial to try and rally the American People to call for a Convention of States, which can serve as the launching pad for a Second American Revolution.
But at the same time we must be realistic. We should all prepare spiritually for the worst. If the States won’t recall their electoral votes which we now know was cast on fraudulent, treasonous grounds by Marxists who plotted & planned a Coup D’état against the DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, DONALD J. TRUMP, America & the Free World will be lost. We will all end up as Slaves, many hundred of millions will end up in Concentration Camps and equally many will perish in a World ruled by Mass Murdering Marxists who has no regard for Human Life. In that situation we must all have made our Peace with God. When Death relieves us from that Hell on Earth, it will be too late to seek redemption.

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