A Happy & Prosperous New Year 2021 Patriots!

We are facing the biggest challenge since World War 2. The Enemy isn’t just in Communist China or “former” Communist Russia. After the Iron Curtain fell, Marxists changed faces. They are expert at that. From terrorists in Marxist cells and terror organizations during the coldest of the Cold War (which by the way is still raging, with the exception of a brief thaw in the 1990s) like Weather Underground, Action Directe and Red Army Faction, they have mostly entered the board rooms. Wall Street is the new face of Marxism in the West. When there no longer was an evident Evil Empire in the East, Mao was dead and buried and his closest, including his wife, were put on trial, a lot of violent groups started killing with other, more effective means than bullets and bombs.

The biggest and most deadly stunt Marxists pulled off was fooling a huge majority of people in the Free World to think Marxism had been demolished like The Third Reich and the Berlin Wall. It hasn’t been. Instead, Marxists in the millions are nearing the end of ‘The Long March Through The Institutions’ as they so creatively call it. They have infiltrated practically every institution of any significance. They are indoctrinating our children, “entertaining” us and bringing us the “news”. They are pulling the strings in unelected positions of power in our government and over-governmental bureaucracies. They have bought politicians left and right. Those few Patriots in our elected houses of representatives they couldn’t buy, they are threatening and attacking with their good old recipe: -Violence & Death.

And so, when the Fourth Reich is rising in the East, with a dictator much more bloody than the little Marxist tyrant in Germany that lit the world on fire in World War 2, and much more cunning. Communist China has played their role to perfection. And now the play is in its final act. Finally World Marxism is so close they can taste it. But their toxic brew has a very unpleasant flavor: LIBERTY! LIBERTY & TRUMP! Just as they were getting ready to cash in all the chips, there is President Trump. And he is on to their game-plan. And with that, he is about to wake the Slumbering Giant; Freedom Loving America. So, the Marxists had to improvise. They have tried just about everything, slander, character assassination, threats against the First Family, violence against Good, Patriotic Americans and their homes, a cold virus dressed up to look like the Black Death and such an insane Election Fraud attempt, they they overplayed their hand and were caught red handed.

And finally, the Slumbering Giant of American Liberty has awoken. January Sixth that Giant will come knocking on his door on Capitol Hill, demanding that the care-takers there who have betrayed him give back the Power of We The People that they were entrusted with. It will be a rude awakening for Traitors doing the Enemy’s bidding. And it will be a display to the world: -Liberty Must Be Fought For.
And We Will Fight Back!
Enough Is Enough!

If congress and the senate do not stop the steal we will be under martial law by the left so fast, our heads will spin as they roll. Demand your senators and congressmen challenge the electoral votes or you will never put them in office again. Don’t expect everyone else will write letters, email or call because that is how we lose. Take a stand and act!

With this, I wish every Patriot A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year! Our cause is JUST! The Power belongs to We The People! Traitors will in this hours of crisis be dealt with as they were dealt with in every major crisis we have overcome before! And when we retake Power from those whom have betrayed us, betrayed our trust and betrayed their Sacred Oath to our Sacred Constitutions in America and the Free World, we are truly making for ourselves

A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year!

PS: Below you can grab the handle in the middle and wipe out 2020 and celebrate the coming of 2021!

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