Lawyer Banned By YouTube. Here Is What They Didn’t Want You To Know About COVID-19 (VIDEO)

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich COVID-19 Class Action Lawsuit speech banned by Google / YouTube

The Biggest Tech Company of its kind, Google and subsidiary YouTube took down this video because it was a direct threat to their nefarious plan of Total World Domination. In just a few days this video amassed around 1.5 Million Views. What is it Google/YouTube is so afraid you should know about?

Luckily, expecting this move by the Google Commies, we took a backup.

It is time to Sue Our Governments for damages following ILLEGAL LOCKDOWNS and Crimes Against Humanity.

American and German Lawyer, Dr. Rainer Fuellmich uploaded this video (see below) on October 4. revealing the GIGANTIC lie told by only one Communist Operative “Scientist”, later two, that all but destroyed our Economies. COVID-19 is as lethal as a mild flu. But Marxists around the world, from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to greedy little power hungry Progressive Pseudo-Scientific so-called “Scientists” and the Board Room Revolutionary Champagne Communists dreaming big dreams of a Fourth Reich, a One World Government in the globalist companies, with the Big Pharma avant-garde.


Thousands of Doctors around the world are raising the alarm against Lockdowns. Lockdowns that should have lasted for two weeks to flatten the curve, has now been imposed by Marxists for more than half a year.

I studied the 2009 H1N1 HOAX closely. Having a background in Medicine & Medical Biology I discovered the truth about the 2009 H1N1 HOAX. It was a HOAX divided in two parts.

  • The most obvious was how WHO and the Fear Porn Pushers in the Vaccine Industry made a killing on selling “snake oil”. In fact it was worst than snake oil. A family member was pregnant at the time, so I was asked about the vaccine and develop an alternative. When I started looking into Pandemrix, which was eventually pulled from the market after law suits, I was deeply shaken. It was an immunological Toxic Cocktail. I concluded that it would cause damages to important membranes in the body and potentially causing sudden heart failure, spontaneous miscarriages and neurological diseases. Unfortunately I was right. My pregnant family member took the cocktail of vitamins and minerals and didn’t get sick.
  • The second part was more subtle, but is now burning our societies to the ground and preparing the coming of the most lethal ideology in Human History: -Marxism. Marxism gave us Fascism, Nazism and Communism. It has killed at least 220 Million People in a Century.
    What the nefarious, totalitarian rules that were implemented, in flagrant contravention of the Constitutions in Western Countries was a dry run of TYRANNY. The Marxists monitored how much the People resisted the restrictions very closely, and took notes. These notes have been used industriously to create the nightmare we are seeing now, where Fear Porn is driving people in panic of a “Black Death” that doesn’t exist, to destroy our Economies, and thus our ability to resist the ramping up of the CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare. That means, if President Donald Trump has the Election 2020 stolen, all the Chinese Communists have to do, is to stage a “Pearl Harbor” 2.0, and we will have to learn to survive as slaves under the Absolute Evil of Marxism. Russia is now preparing for that war with massive, aggressive military exercises. It is no longer a question of if but of when and how. An educated guess would be an EMP attack on America, and possibly Europe, which nobody can explain where comes from. Such an EMP nuclear charge can be launched from a container on a container ship.
    If Biden and the “Democrat” Marxists manage to steal the Election, Marxist Comrade Kamala Harris will become President. That is the End Of America. Border Flood Gates will be opened, the Supreme Court will be packed, and the CCP will become the Global Superpower they have secretly plotted to become since the “Democrat” Progressive President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, helped Marxist Mao Zedong enslave China to Communism.

For this reason, it is pivotal that people get together, learn what is said in this video and sue their respective governments all over the Western Hemisphere for Crimes Against Humanity in MASSIVE Class Action Lawsuits as soon as humanly possible!

When Politicians and Unelected Bureaucrats are made directly responsible for their own, treasonous actions, it is the best way to insure that something as catastrophic as this is never allowed to happen again!

After all, this is such a mild infection, you can actually cure it with Vitamins, Minerals and simple drugs like Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) and Azithromycin (plus possibly Ceftriaxone), as described in this free manual.

Please share! Thank you!

This video by American/German Lawyer, Dr. Rainer Fuellmich was banned by the Globalist, Communist company Google/YouTube.
He describes how two “Scientists” with political motivations, although he doesn’t say it straight out, working with the Chinese Communist Party, all but destroyed the Western Economies with the COVID-19 Hoax.
The only weapon we have left is a Class Action Lawsuit, making sure politicians learn that TYRANNY and Crimes Against Humanity is never acceptable.
Dr. Fuellmich is also prepared to help any Lawyer willing to represent all the people that have been negatively impacted by the draconian, totalitarian Lockdowns to sue the government on behalf of the Victims in major Class Action Lawsuits.

He states, quite correctly, that these actions are nothing short of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Even the CDC reveals that the Chinese Communist Party’s Psychological Weapon of Mass Destruction’s effect is amplified by the CDC, Congress and the Health Care Industry. Only 6% of deaths listed as cause of death being COVID-19, was actually caused by this virus. 94% of deaths listed as COVID-19 deaths had other causes.

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