TONIGHT CWR#633: Sex Crime Expert and Body Language Expert tear Ford’s testimony apart

This is Radio Norway’s story for tonight’s show on Cold War Radio #633.

The accuser of President Trump’s Supreme Court Justice Nominee, the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh, has had her credibility – not only questioned – but destroyed.

On September 27. a body language expert meticulously dissected Ford’s testimony. I made similar comments on Friday’s episode of Cold War Radio. In a very thorough examination, the expert goes through Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony step by step. The video has been viewed almost 1.7 Million times in just four days. The same expert has also torn apart Democrat Senator Feinstein’s lies to the American People during the hearing.

Today the Sex Crime Expert, Rachel Mitchell, who was the Nomination Investigation Counsel that conducted the Senate interview of both Ford and Kavanaugh, released her report today, and it is bad news for the so-called Democrats and their shit shoveling cronies: 09.30.18 Mitchell Memo.

Mitchell questioned Ford’s version of events, including the shifting timeline of when the attack occurred, Ford’s inability to remember how she got home, the ambiguity of her willingness to remain anonymous, and the failure of other witnesses to back up her story, to name but a few of the points.

On Thursday two men came forward to tell Senate investigators that they, not Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, could have been responsible for the encounter Christine Blasey Ford describes when she says she was sexually assaulted at a high school party 36 years ago. That should have been Big Breaking News, yet just a few news outlets – all Conservative – bothered to report this.

This week the so-called Democrat and their Propaganda Machinery, also known as Mainstream Media, along with all their Deep State plants in the FBI will no doubt do their best to leak, propagandize and smear the good name of Honorable Brett Kavanaugh and subsequently his Family. It already started Sunday when disgraced and fired former FBI Director, James Comey in an op-ed in the failing New York Times called the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh a liar and implied his guilt of sexual assault charges. It is all by the Playbook of The Practice of Ritual Defamation.


Like my boss, Mr. Hutch Bailie Jr, eluded to on the last show on Cold War Radio, this gigantic smear campaign is funded by Big Abortion. According to a report on the Conservative Daily Post by Stephanie Sheaks, the infamous Hungarian billionaire radical, George Soros, has donated a whopping amount to the abortion groups smearing Kavanaugh. More than a quarter of a BILLION dollars or, to be precise, $246 Million has been poured into the coffers of Murder Inc. The very same groups that are now trying to take down an honest and good man by means of slander.

Every Patriot needs to take a stand against this defamation of a good and upstanding American, a man that has served his country with honor almost his entire life.
Every Patriot American needs to circle the wagons and defend this man and his family against the lying, evil and corrupt forces that are trying to tear him, his family and their good name down.

And every Democrat voter needs to turn their backs to this madness and simply #WalkAway.

If you don’t, your father or brother or son could very well be the next victim of the modern equivalent of Stalin’s Show Trials.

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