New strategy for impeachment of President Trump?

Listening to the questions asked by #FakeNews Media in today’s Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, coupled with the signal given yesterday in CNN’s article “Sally Yates is about to bring back the Russia story in a big way” it is clear that there is a new strategy forming. From the time the Obama servile United States Attorney Sally Yates, met with The White House Counsel with “concerns” targeting one of the Leftists biggest enemies in The White House, general Michael T. Flynn, until he resigned for misleading the Vice President, 11 days passed. The questioning today hammered again and again if Flynn had his security clearance revoked, or if he had access to classified information during those 11 days.

The point everybody’s missing, is that so far there hasn’t been presented one iota of evidence that there was any collusion with Russia. There was a normal phone call with the Russian Ambassador, yes, but that is normal procedure for any administration. Flynn was asked to resign simply because he forgot to mention the short phone call he had with the Russian Ambassador to the United States, and thus Vice President Mike Pence said there had been absolutely no contact between Flynn and Russia, when that was in fact not true. Still, Flynn was given top security clearance by the Obama administration and served more than 30 years with distinction.

The President was naturally ouraged about the ongoing hearings in Congress about the Russia Conspiracy Theory:

With this as a backdrop Sally Yates, who had to be fired by Trump for disobeying a lawful Executive Order, and the #FakeNews propagandists will do everything in their power to drive this home, while in fact the big scandal that makes the Watergate Scandal look like child’s play, namely the political wiretapping of Trump and his team by Obama and his abuse of Intelligence resources isn’t mentioned at all.

It is time to burn Mainstream Media and replace it with honest New Media whom are willing to report on all news, rather than fabricated propaganda to fit their political agenda. With +90% of all journalists in America being card carrying members of the socialist Democratic Party, America is blinded to important facts. Totalitarian is the only word that comes near to describing American news media today.

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