“Always Bold As You Go” Hymn

I have been singing this hymn a lot lately; “Alltid Freidig Når Du Går”. A Danish/Norwegian Hymn originally written for Sleeping Beauty by the Danish Priest, Christian Richardt in 1867 is now a part of our most beloved Christian Hymns. I translated it for you. This is a fairly literal translation. But I can assure you it sound wonderful when sung in Norwegian. Listen below.

Alltid Freidig Når Du Går (English)

Always bold as you go
roads only God dares knowing
even if the destination you reach
is at the end of the world!

Never afraid of darkness’ power!
The stars will shine:
with the Lords Prayer as covenant
you shall never tremble.

Fight for all that you hold dear,
die if that’s what’s required of you!
Then life is not so hard,
neither so is death.

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