I want to go to Washington, but I’m afraid…

A follower of mine on twitter put this to her followers regarding going to Washington DC on January 6th to fight for what is Right & Just – To Fight For America:

I had a rather long reply, but as twitter isn’t a very good forum for long replies, here it is:

Go, Maggie! GO! I am a Norwegian Patriot, and I know, when you go, you represent a Thousand other Patriots in America and all over the world who cannot go.

It is abundantly clear that We Are At War. It is normal to feel anxiety when you’re a soldier going to battle (those who’re not afraid before a battle are either idiots or liars), but if you don’t fight for all you hold dear now, the consequences to follow will be that much worse.

And fighting a war is much easier when you are surrounded by Brothers & Sisters whom you trust. Bring them along and link up. Stay together. Fight together, in what ever form is required.

Every Patriot who fought against the most modern, most technological advanced army on the planet to gain their Liberty and Right To Self Determination, to form the greatest Nation Of Liberty on Earth, so that YOU, Maggie Lee would have the right to be Free, to Speak Out, to Demonstrate against the Evil Forces trying to take that away from you, away from me and away from every Patriot in the Free World, they were all afraid. They had families they didn’t want to leave behind. They froze. They starved. They lost again and again, but they looked up to one man, General George Washington. That gave them Hope, Faith & Courage to battle on.

Just like you and me.

We look up to our General, President Donald Trump. And we know, if we don’t give up, if we fight this gathering storm of all that is Evil, of all that will destroy America.

If we stick together and never lose Faith, never let the Fear we have rule us, but keep our eyes on the prize: Liberty for ourselves. Liberty for our children and childrens’ children, we will prevail.

Our Ancestors, God Rest Their Souls, will look down upon us and smile. They will look down upon us and salute us. They will look down upon us and say: “We didn’t fight for nothing. We didn’t suffer and die for nothing, for see! Verily we say onto the world, Our Patriotic Spirit Lives On! Our Spirit Lives On In The Hearts Of Every Patriot Fighting Against Evil In 2020!
Justice Will Prevail.
Our General Will Prevail.
And Together We Will Drive The Demons Trying To Take Everything We Hold Dear Back Into Hell Where They Belong!

So, go, Maggie Lee! GO!

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