My Twitter Account Got Locked For 12 Hours Because Of This Video

I wrote that this man is somewhat of a Hero of mine. He is a Registered Democrat and a Poll Watcher. He had the Courage and Integrity to step forward to alert about fraudulent behavior. Now that is the stuff all true Democrats should be made of!

I had kept this video, precisely because I suspected Twitter would censor it. I just managed to hit the tweet button with a tweet about this man, and my account was locked.

That’s fine. I will just post it here.

America and the World has been led to believe that Biden won the Election. “Democrat” Marxists in the Media and Social(ist) Media are scared stiff that the TRUTH should become known to the world at this point in time. They are so close to succeeding in their latest Coup D’état, that they silence even the smallest hint of evidence of the MASSIVE FRAUD they committed.

Here is one of thousands of heroes that will bring down this LIE that is the 2020 US Election “Biden Victory”.

This video is too dangerous for “Democrat” Marxist Election Fraudsters at Twitter.

Here is Brian McCafferty in an interview with Tucker Carlson about what was going on in Philadelphia, and what Twitter is desperate you don’t know about.

From TheRightScoop

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