Communist Cold Kills Trump Economy?


As I walked to the car, the surge of adrenalin in my blood was still pumping, my legs felt light as wings and I could hardly feel the icy wind and snow of the blizzard ripping at my face. I had just been to the pharmacy. It isn’t a pharmacy anymore. It is something that makes Checkpoint Charlie or an Israeli Border Checkpoint look like a kindergarten playground. It is the end of March 2020, and Unelected Communist Health Bureaucrats are ruling the world with utter surety.

The COVID-19, also known as ‘2019 novel corona virus’, 2019-nCoV, first reported on December 31. 2019 in the city of Wuhan in the Hubei Province in Communist China, is nothing short of a disaster. Not because it is generally dangerous, not because it is especially lethal in and of itself, but for the way it has given the vast and dreadful intergovernmental Communist Bureaucracies around the world an excuse to blow up the World Economy, make millions of people lose their jobs and pitch us all into a depression. And if there is one thing that really kills people it is Communism and the Poverty it always creates.

Far, far fewer people have died from the COVID-19 than the flu, thus far. We cannot but wonder if the Communist Media, practically all media, are going to give the same coverage to the many, many more victims of the flu, as the victims of COVID-19?

The answer is NO. Of course not. You cannot use the most prevalent killer in Western Society in terms of infectious diseases to cause a revolt, as in Communist Revolution, as little as you can blame lakes, rivers and oceans evaporating into Water Vapor – which, by far is the strongest climate gas on Earth; for causing the Communists’ oh so beloved source of income, “Global Warming” / “Climate Change”. 

The fact is that Communists don’t care about human life, born or unborn. To them, we are just a resource to be spent. Are the victims of the flu lesser human beings just because they died of the wrong virus?

To the Communists the answer is a resounding YES! They tried out this ploy with MERS, SARS and the infamous 2009 H1N1 Flu Virus, all with real life consequences to the economy. Those were just trial runs, and it gave the vaccine manufacturers a fat bottom line. And the poison they pushed out shocked me to the core. The “vaccine” was a lethal cocktail. When I saw what Glaxo Smith Kline had put into their vaccine, I understood the risks immediately. They saved on the antigen fraction, the vaccine part of the injection. Instead they added substances that I used in the lab to “blow” cells open. They would in other words save on the part of the vaccine that really cost money. Then they would force feed that to the cells of the immune system by blowing them open. And to top it off, they added squalene, a substance from sharks that is used to boost the immune system in cancer patients suffering from immune deficiency due to conventional treatment.

I knew that this lethal cocktail would be a risk to the unborn, to children and to adults, attacking important membranes of the body. I tried to warn people, and give them a supplement protection instead. Many listened and thanked me. Some even sent me money and thanked me for improving their health beyond what they had imagined possible. Unfortunately most people followed the government like sheep to the slaughter. Spontaneous abortions, narcolepsy and other neurological diseases and sudden heart failure were some of the horrific results of the vaccine.

Norway harked back to the days of Quisling and the Nazi Occupation. The Socialist governments in several countries in Europe secured special, potent vaccines for themselves, while they pushed and threatened their respective populations to take the potentially lethal cocktail, with dire consequences for many known and unknown victims. In Norway you were branded a traitor by the Stoltenberg government. Kids were lured to take the vaccines. They got a “free” crappy, cheap Chinese MP3-player, if they agreed to take the shot.

The current General Secretary of NATO, then Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, was one of the most staunch pushers. Little did we know at the time that his sister was a Director at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health dealing with viral infections, and that he, his sister and their father, Thorvald Stoltenberg had big portfolios in the very same company, GlaxoSmithKline, GSK, that produced the potentially lethal cocktail they forced the Norwegian People to take by the truckloads. All paid for by tax payer’s money. And Thorvald Stoltenberg was a former Minister of Defense and the Norwegian ambassador to the UN. All fervent Socialists. Incidentally he had served in the government of the Socialist Gro Harlem Brundtland. And incidentally Gro Harlem Brundtland was the Director-General of the World Health Organization, WHO, from 1998 to 2003. WHO incidentally lied about the severity of the flu and caused the same panic, as the panic they now are spreading about the current cold known as COVID-19. And several members in the leadership of WHO, it turns out, also benefitted from the sale of the useless vaccines.

But there is one major difference between the formerly induced panics and the current:

President Donald J. Trump…

That is what has changed, since they this time have rolled out the big guns. The Communists were doing so well. America was i shambles, illegals torrented across the border, the American Worker was unemployed by proxy of some poor slave under the Communist whip in China. The Communists’ “long march through the institutions“, rolling out sneaking Communism in every bureaucracy from the municipal level to county and state levels, all the way up to the Federal level in the US, the EU and the UN, with World Economic Forums, local Churches, the Papacy, Trade Unions and so on, in between.

With billionaire backers and whole nations paying into their One World Government schemes, they could practically hear their deceiving globalist anthem resounding across the planet; the infamous “The Internationale”. Barack Hussein Obama had laid the Marxist groundwork for the final Putsch in the United States of America. The EU is ruled by a cadre of old and new Socialist/Communist party members, now endowed with absolute, unelectable Power. All that remained was for Her Satanic Communist Majesty, Clinton II, Intellectual Spawn of Satanist Marxist Saul Alinsky, Princess of China and Queen select of America to be coronated, and the greatest and most important bastion of Liberty, America, would fall. 

And Liberty seems to be the most hated state of a humanity in the myopic view of the Globalist Crime Cartel. Absolute world dominance for the Comrades cannot be achieved as long as the average American resists! And resist they did! The will of The People & The Founding Fathers got in the way. 

Disaster struck!

The long march through the institutions” was halted. All because that, among Communist Globalists, most hated man on the planet, decided to give back the Nation to the People,
in accordance with the Will and Foresight of The Founding Fathers of the USA;

President Donald J. Trump!

As I entered my car, my hands started shaking. It wasn’t the freezing wind from the West. It was the adrenalin. I started the engine, but I just sat there, waiting for the tail end of my adrenalin surge to dissipate. While I sat there, I had to mentally digest the absolute insanity and total power the Communists now have over us all.

 «How apt,» I though to myself, «that the wind from the West is carrying the bleakness of the icy cold blizzard. In Arctic Norway the wind from the East has always been the coldest. The wind blowing across our border with Russia and the former Communist Soviet Union. The winds from the West have always been mild and warm, carrying energy from the southern parts of the Land of The Free and the Home of The Brave across the Atlantic.

But not today. Today a despotic wind from the West is blowing.

An icy blizzard is blowing from the center of Global Communist-Islamic Power in New York. From the center we all have come to know as the UN. A United Nations that is the diametrical opposite of the UN the greatest war time leader of the 20th Century envisioned in his famous March 5, 1946 speech, titled “The Sinews of Peace”, Sir Winston Churchill.
The speech is better known as “the Iron Curtain Speech”, delivered at the Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri.

I’m no Winston Churchill. I don’t have his flowing, acrobatic and absolute command of the English Language. But I have to try. I have to pressure myself to live up to that great man’s courage, and warn the world, as he did.»

«Poor old Winston must be rolling in his grave. Had he been alive today, he would have written a whole series of books on the necessity of destroying the EU and the UN! Two of the most tyrannical, globalist institutions on the face of the planet. And he would have held lectures every other day, warning us all, as he, the lone voice in the wilderness in the years after 1933, warned us against Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Communist Russia,» I said to myself.

I shifted my car into gear and pulled out of the parking lot into the white-out conditions of the blizzard. Behind me a shopping mall guarded like a US Embassy in the Middle East. And in it, a pharmacy with guards, huge plastic screens covering the employees – with barely enough space on the counter to get the medicine handed over, war-time posters with large, bold letters, diagrams and orders were plastered on the walls and stands;
«DO THIS… DON’T DO THAT…», disinfectant bottles everywhere and Gestapo eyes following my every movement. When it finally was my turn, I had filled out a form, substituting another form in the usual Socialist Bureaucratic style of Norwegian Public Health. My new form was rejected, in spite of the shear lunacy and lack of logic of the rejection.

I lost my cool.

It happens about every leap year, or so. I am a Christian, Conservative, NO-BS kinda guy. And when the BS-o-meter spikes, my aggressive Viking Warrior instinct just kicks in. Adrenalin surging, I turned my ‘Pissed Off Officer’s’ voice on. With a “resonance chamber” of 6′ 6”, I’m sure they heard me in the next town over. 

The Commie clerk admitted they had been mistaken. But as soon as having admitted the clerical mistake, they calmly took half of the medications I was getting for my mother, and put it aside.

«I’m sorry,» she said «because of the current crisis, you can’t have more than one box of each.

Rationing is in effect.»

«What the hell is this?» I thought to myself. «Is it war, or Soviet Bread Lines?»

One of the Gestapo Officers had heard my outburst. In my side vision I could see him standing a few feet away now. Fearing I would be thrown out with no medication at all, I found it wisest to just shut up and pay.

The question kept repeating itself in my mind:
«Is it war, or Soviet Bread Lines?»
I decided quite quickly: «IT IS BOTH!»

Entering this War Zone they call a shopping mall, my BS-o-meter was already way up into the red area.
Yesterday Norway became de facto a dictatorship.
The Parliament handed “Emergency Powers” over to the government. Power that enables the government to cancel any law they deem fit, without the checks and balances of the courts or the People’s elected Parliament. And people applauds the Powers… An act, just as dramatic as the Reichstag’s Fire in Germany, that swept aside the Weimar Republic and gave Hitler and the Nazis ABSOLUTE POWER. And people applaud it.

The day before the Norwegian Health Authorities declared that people over the age of 60 would not be admitted to hospital for intensive care, if they needed it. Of course that’s against the law, but laws don’t mean a thing now, because of a COLD and a bunch of Communists.

The day after, that order was retracted. I guess that people under 60 reacted to their nearest and dearest over 60, would just be left to die. Why would such a decision be taken?
People over 60 are retired or near retirement, rendering them of no use to the Norwegian Socialist State any longer – because they don’t pay income tax, or about to start drawing on the State’s pension fund (what little there is left).
And with a shortage of beds, doctors and supplies in the Socialist nationalized health “care” system, thanks to the government shipping billions of dollars every year to, primarily islamic dictatorships, they would rather give the few beds we have to younger tax slaves, whom are able to slave for The State for many years to come.

And, my BS-o-meter is way up in the red zone because:

  • I KNOW that people have a very short attention span. This Globalist-Induced crisis has the potential to ruin the World Economy, the American Economy included. Do you think those undecided will remember in November why they suddenly found themselves out of a job? The so-called “Democratic” Party AKA The Communist Party USA, will use all its resources on blaming Trump.
  • I KNOW this is just a strong cold, and that the many more people who die from the flu this year, will get absolutely no media attention, simply because they died of the wrong virus. As of the publication of this article, with the data I have from medical literature and Johns Hopkins’ Coronavirus Resource Center, the European figure is roughly that the COVID-19 is about 1/5 as lethal as the flu.
    Of course the figure might change. The sun is still low in the sky over the northern parts of the hemisphere, which means people’s sun induced Vitamin D-levels are still low, and the risk of seasonal infections is relatively high.
    But we should also keep in mind that there is an overlap here. People dying from COVID-19, might have been in such a poor health that they would have died from the flu, had they been infected by the flu virus first.
  • I KNOW that practically every patient who’s life is in danger from this cold (AND flu!), could be saved by a few dollars worth of Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC), and that one of the world’s most reputable producers of IVC, McGuff, is located in Santa Ana, California, USA. But globalist pharmaceutical companies and the politicians and news media they have bought, have prohibited the use many places in the Western World. The Chinese seems more savvy, being the root of most of these vira. Being on the Cold Warpath they’re on, they can’t have viral infections disrupt their industrial output and their armed forces. They have now approved 4 major studies of Vitamin C in treatment of these diseases, and already there are positive reports coming out.
  • I KNOW that the fact that the malaria drug Chloroquine now has shown to be effective against COVID-19, treating people with this horrible drug designed for a horrible zoonosis, will line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies producing the drug itself, and all the drugs necessary to treat the horrible side-effects. And all this, when the father of Orthomolecular Medicine, the double Nobel Laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling and American MDs helped develop the Orthomolecular Vitamin C technology in the 1960s. Intravenous Vitamin C is a treatment with practically no side-effects. Taking it orally in large enough doses can produce diarrhea. Harmless to people that aren’t dehydrated, or have an underlying condition, where diarrhea can be harmful.
  • I KNOW that having the right level of Vitamin D3 in the body, and taking Vitamin C (and a little bit of Selenium) orally is enough to effectively combat this virus, as well as flu vira. Vitamin C, taken in as microscopic an amount as a mere 200 mg starts having an improved effect on the oxygenation of the body’s tissue. Taking it in several grams will effectively reduce or eliminate the effect of the virus, in addition to helping the body live normally, and heavily reduce the risk of any eventuality of a Cytokine Storm.
  • I KNOW that right now, the Communists are having a grand, grand PARTY on all our expenses, exerting ABSOLUTE POWER.
    ABSOLUTE POWER is the drug that all Socialists CRAVE.
    And they all crave it because they believe, with fanatical religious fervor, that they are better and smarter than all the little people slaving beneath them and slaving for them, the self-proclaimed “Elite”.
  • I KNOW that Communism Kills! It has killed probably around
    150 MILLION people in a century.
  • AND I KNOW, that with media’s #FearPorn broadcasted and printed 24/7 and unelected health bureaucrats whipping up a frenzy over a rough COLD, people of most walks of life have become so worried and scared, that in an Election Year, this whole thing has forced President Trump’s hand. And he has done the only right thing to do in accordance with the severity the globalist and national health bureaucrats have claimed this pathogen has. 

however, is the long-term effects of this travesty. I know the economic harmful effects, are increasing by the hour. The world is on fire, burning away at sorely needed capital, pitching the economy into an abyss, laying the ground for a new depression. Poverty is a far worse killer than COVID-19, and right now, my guess is as good as yours, as to how many will suffer in poverty as the fallout of this Communist Power Trip will become apparent.

Has nothing good come out of this? Well, that depends on how much of Economic Life is sustained at the end of all this. The virus will be endemic in the populations for a very long time. Shall we remain in this ridiculous state for 6 months?
A year?
18 months?
Two years, like some of the Powers That Be have suggested?
What will be left after all this?
Far fewer dead than from the annual seasonal flu and a World in shambles? Unemployment, rampant homelessness and with poverty as the ruler of people’s stomachs? The People will be ripe for the plucking of a real killer disease.

If we survive this financially, and Trump is reelected, then maybe the Economy – at least the American Economy will pick up fairly quick, and the Mother Of All Disasters is averted. In that case, I believe and hope that the Trump Administration’s handling of the situation will become the Gold Standard for handling a really serious killer pandemic.

A real pandemic will come along sooner or later. A real killer, like the so-called Spanish Disease, or Spanish Flu, spread across the world in the years around the end of World War 1, particularly 1918, killed 50 million people, and infected an estimated 20% to 40% of the world’s population. The fact that huge swaths of the population was starving back then, many were homeless and suffered long term stress as a consequence of the war, no doubt exacerbated the ability for many to fight the infection and recover. 

When such a disease strikes, and it will strike, let’s hope all the Fear Porn and Fake News that the media and globalists have stirred up now over a cold, will not have numbed the people into complacency. You see, that is one of the real dangers of shouting wolf! wolf! When the real crisis really strikes, nobody will listen, because the Communist Globalist controlled media has lied and shouted wolf! one time too many.

Suppose then, that after the Communist Globalists having reveled in this senseless Power Trip over the COVID-19 outbreak, quite probably to hurt the Trump Presidency, manage to crash the World Economy, and then comes along a real killer disease in the very near future. The economy is in shambles after this fake scare. People are in bad shape, like people were after the 1914-1918 World War. I can assure you, in that case, the death tolls in Europe and the US will be far higher than they would normally have been, thanks to the financial situation those totalitarian bastards have landed us in right now.

You have heard about the Cold War, right?

They told you it was over.

It’s not…

Right now we are in one of the coldest battles this very long and very cold war has ever produced.

And it’s about time all of us started asking our supposed democratically elected rulers some damn tough questions!

Click here for a full transcript of the Right Honourable Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill’s “Sinews of Peace” speech, delivered on March 5, 1946 in Fulton Missouri.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “SKYFALL

    1. Thank you for your kind praises, Kellie!

      Prayers are definitely needed! Evil spreads like wildfire, and with it lies and cynical manipulation of people’s minds to rob them blind and destroy what the Good Forces behind Trump have managed to build since January 2017. Satan has an easy playing field when Communists dance to his tunes in the Administrative Deep State.
      Pray and Act!
      We all need to Learn & Teach!
      Wisdom, Knowledge and Courage To Act may still save the day!


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