This Simple Trick Could Help Win The 2018 Midterms: Flag Persuasion

The American Flag

Imagine you’re a voter that hasn’t decided where to cast the ballot in tomorrow’s Midterm Elections 2018. What is the one subconscious thing that more than any other could sway your vote? Yes, that right. Pride in your identity as an American. And what symbolize America better than… -that’s right; The American Flag.

One of the most notable people to #WalkAway from the insanity of the so-called Democrats, is the creator of the comic strip, Dilbert, Scott Adams.

Scott Adams
Scott Adams

Scott Adams has been pretty much all over the political landscape. Adams married Shelly Miles in 2006. She has two children named Savannah and Justin Miles. In a February 2014 blog posting he revealed that he is no longer married. In an October 2018 blog post, he stated that his stepson had died of “almost certainly” an opioid overdose and called for volunteer sponsors to sign up on the web based support system, WhenHub, where he serves as Chief Strategy Officer, to take calls from addicts in need.

Adams said that he temporarily endorsed Hillary Clinton purely out of fear for his own life, stating he had received direct and indirect death threats. In late September 2016, however, Adams officially switched his endorsement from Clinton to Trump. Among his primary reasons for the switch were his respect for Trump’s persuasion skills over Clinton’s, Clinton’s proposal to raise the inheritance tax to 65%, and his concerns over Clinton’s health. Adams states that writing about Donald Trump ended his speaking career and reduced his income by about 40%.

I’m not going to speculate in whether or not his stepson’s death by an opioid overdose, and his divorce has cemented his support for Trump, but he supports Trump wholeheartedly. A trained hypnotist, Scott Adams knows a thing or two about our unconscious minds. It was no surprise that he suggested a strategy of just posting American Flags, and nothing else repeatedly in the days before the election. Nothing else, no text, not American Flags in cemeteries, but just the American Flag. In the unconscious mind of the undecided voter, this simple trick will very likely persuade that person to Vote Right, Vote Red, Vote Republican.

Scott Adams talks about flag persuasion and how to do it right.

I have posted the American Flag repeatedly on Twitter, GAB and other social media, and I encourage other Patriots to do the same. It is a simple thing to do, that can have a far reaching effect in persuading people in making the right choice: Vote Right, Vote Red, Vote Republican.


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