Antifa The Democrat Party Blackshirts CWR #561 and #559

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was the militant wing of the socialist Democratic Party, just like the SS was the militant wing of the National Socialist Worker’s Party in Nazi-Germany. In fact, the progressive nature of the Race Laws of the Democratic Party, which once ruled the Southern States, was so highly admired by the Nazis that they adopted the laws, only adding to it the Jews.

In the book ‘Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White’ by David Barton, he shows how Black and White Republicans were the targeted by the KKK – the first grand wizard of the KKK was honored at the 1868 Democratic National Convention, no Democrats voted for the 14th Amendment to grant citizenship to former slaves and, to this day, the party website ignores those decades of racism, according to Barton.

An estimated

  • 3,446 blacks and
  • 1,297 whites

died at the end of KKK ropes from 1882 to 1964.

Luckily the KKK has been branded by a large majority of The People of the United States of America as unwanted. But that hasn’t stopped the Democrats from their terrorist activities.

The most common definition of terrorism is:

The use of violence for the achievement of political ends

When the Democratic Party lets the Anarchist/Communist terrorist organization ANTIFA (“Anti-Fascist” Fascists) use their headquarters around the country, and several top-ranking lieutenants of ANTIFA are prominent members of the Democratic Party, the plot thickens.

And one cannot but pause and ponder the similarities in the socialist’s logos. The KKK, Nazis and Antifa use the same colors in their logos, Black, Red and White. And the new “strong” and “simplified” logo of the Democratic Party used the same philosophy as their admirer Hitler did, when he designed the logo of the black swastika inside a white circle on a red background – the now so dreaded flag of the Nazis. The circles of the logo of the democratic party is identical to Antifa’s logo, which of course could be a coincidence –but is it really?
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Time and time again we have seen that language matters and symbols matter. We believe this is so with the symbology of the socialists in particular, all the way from the KKK to the Nazis, their brethren in the ANTIFA to their supporters and enablers in the Democratic Party.

One expression which repeats itself in these circles is “By All Means Necessary” or “BAMN” for short. This is even reflected in the name of a supporting, militant socialist organization.

Beef Steak Nazis

ANTIFA was the brain child of the Russian Revolutionary Leon Trotsky. Detachments of ANTIFA were competing for power in several European nations before WW2, including Pre-Fascist Italy and Pre-Nazi Germany. 55% of ANTIFA in Germany switched side as the National Socialists (NSDAP) and Hitler won. They became “Beef Steak Nazis”: Brown on the outside – Red in the center.

ANTIFA and Muslim Keith Ellison of the Democratic Party

One fascist ideology, the sworn allies and anti-semitic comrades of the Nazis, islam, deserves a mention here, as it is an important ally to the Democratic Party as well. The candidate that almost overtook the control of the Democratic Party, but ended up as the primary henchman, the staunch supporter and Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) plant, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, of course also harbors deep feelings, sympathy and support for his party’s militant wing:

Keith Ellison - Democratic Party's number one henchman with a copy of the ANTIFA handbook by Mark Bray
Keith Ellison – Democratic Party’s number one henchman and CAIR affiliate with a copy of the ANTIFA handbook by Mark Bray.

There are numerous examples of Democrat ties. The Democratic Party has changed radically in just a few decades. The Dixiecrats and Patriotic American Democrats are all but gone, and the House and Senate is filled with Pro-Communist, Anti-American Democratic representatives and senators.

The strong American Patriot and Anti-Communist, Mr. Trevor Loudon, who has been uncovering the unsavory infiltration of Communism in America for over 30 years, showed in his book ‘Enemies Within – Communists, socialists and progressives in the U.S. Congress’ (First Edition 2013) names and links between Communists and Democrats in Congress.

In his new documentary America Under Siege: ANTIFA (Click link to watch for free), Mr. Loudon shines his Bright Light of Freedom upon the links behind the violent, fascist movement. In this interview we did with Mr. Loudon (January 29. 2018), he says by electing President Donald J. Trump, America got a reprieve. And he is right. Even Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine’s son, Woody Kaine has been arrested after violent ANTIFA attacks against peaceful protesters (text continues below). The writing is on the wall for the Democratic Party, and they will fight “By All Means Necessary” to finish what Obama started: -The Destruction of USA and the ushering in of Communism in America.

Woody Kaine mug shot (right). Son of Clinton running mate, Tim Kaine, Woody Kaine's mug shot after being arrested for violence.
Woody Kaine mug shot (right). Son of Clinton running mate, Tim Kaine, Woody Kaine’s mug shot after being arrested for violence.

Could America become a new Nazi-Germany?

America is hanging by a thread. Pretty much the only thing that keeps the once greatest country on Earth from plunging into an abyss like Nazi-Germany did, or worse, is President Donald J. Trump. And the 2nd Amendment of The Constitution of The United States.

The Democratic Party was infinitely close to succeeding with a coup that undoubtedly would have led to the destruction of the Republic and a ushered in a Thousand Year Reich of Darkness spreading throughout the world. Communist Obama had already laid the foundation. Wrecked status in the world and a bigger consumption of OPM (Other People’s Money) than all the presidents before him, combined. The biggest chain and drain of the State was ingeniously crafted as “Obamacare”. Although “Obamacare” isn’t fully a single-payer, socialized health care system, it is laying the foundation for one. Fortunately the American People, if not only for good knowledge, at least had the good sense of electing Trump rather than selecting Hillary, as the Democrat’s plan was.

America got her reprieve.

Seeing the goal so close; -selecting Hillary, but then having The People, The Silent Majority, rise in defiance and resistance to the Socialists and RINO’s in the Washington Swamp, the Big Lie and burying Mainstream Media, MSM,  in the lowest confidence numbers ever since Gallup started measuring that parameter in 1972, had to provoke a reaction. The People is smart enough to spot the media bias. The Washington Times reported in 2015 that a mere 7% of journalists identified as Republican. Of those we must concede that quite a few are Establishment Republicans or RINOs. The 2016 Presidential Election showed with absolute clarity that the MSM had become the Propaganda Wing of the Democratic Party.

So, here we are today, at very much the same place the German Weimar Republic was in her last days. The Totalitarian “Democratic” Party has formed the same propaganda machinery that the Nazis did. They have infiltrated all the big Social Media companies, Google, Twitter and Facebook to silence Conservatives by blocking their accounts or “shadow banning”. They have infiltrated and corrupted the NSA, FBI, CIA and all the other intelligence agencies to turn them into their own political weapons against American Patriots. It is the Weimar Republic’s Last Day all over. That is their view of “Democratic“…

And like the good little Communists they are – they have stepped out of the political arena and into the arena of Terror Regimes with their cooperation with the largest totalitarian fascist movement of the world, islam and domestically with their new “KKK”, the ANTIFA. Their next move will invariably be to try and destabilize the nation through riots, and unrest to turn the Nation’s Psyche into demanding “law and order” from the chaos they blame on President Trump, just like the Nazis did in Pre-Nazi Germany.

There are some positive differences between the US development and the fall of the German Weimar Republic…

Germany had suffered a nearly catastrophic economic failure during the financial depression that followed the 1929 Wall Street Crash. Obama’s dependency Mega State setup brought America nearly there with 20.6 TRILLION DOLLARS in National Debt and rapidly counting).

How much is that?

Well, if you take all the physical cash, gold, silver, and bitcoin combined in the Worldit would only cover 65% of the US National Debt. But like Ben Carson said during the 2016 Presidential Race, the real debt is more then 10 times higher, 211 TRILLION DOLLARS (2015). He was utterly mocked by the media for that statement, until it turned out that 17 Nobel Laureates and more than 1,200 Economists agreed. The US Federal Reserve is balancing on a knife’s edge. America can no longer pay her debts. But with a lot of luck and a lot of Trump, and very low interest rates, she can just about handle paying the interests. But the Land of The Free is, because of unsavory politicians and federal economists, squarely at the mercy of other nations. Some of them not exactly friendly to the US Freedom Ideal.

So, just like the conditions were ripe for Adolf Hitler, conditions are ripe for a totalitarian takeover in the US. And the ANTIFA Fascists could very well play a big role in that scheme. For now, President Trump holds the fort. He has got the economy booming, and if he gets the time to right the ship, he will. But that requires two terms and that someone of his talent and skills takes over the helm at the end of his terms.

Besides Trump, the other big factor is the Patriotic People of the United States of America. Have they learned from history? The American’s saw the birth of their nation in the fight against tyranny. To pull this off, it’s going to take the same determination and sheer willpower that the Revolutionaries had to win the Nation from the Revolution of 1776. It took the Founders years of starvation, privation and huge losses for these farmers to finally overcome Tyranny.

Americans have been on the right side of history ever since. Fighting and often dying in the protection of the Values and Valors of of Freedom. But still, in this pivotal moment in history, American will need to proceed with caution.

Never underestimate your enemies – and never overestimate your allies.

The enemies’ power of deception is great. America did after all elect Jimmy Carter and Barack Husein Obama. The former a really, really bad president. The latter, a sworn enemy of America, hellbent on destroying her, or laying the foundation for someone who could.

So, could America become a new Nazi Germany? The answer is not yet given. For now, we’re optimistic that the answer is no. But a lot depends on the New Generation Americans.

The frightful onslaught of Communism hasn’t gained a proper foothold everywhere in the US. Not yet. But the World’s Biggest Defender of Freedom will need to learn the History properly. Equally as inspiring it is to get to know Americans that know their history, that know their roots and why they came to be – it is frightening to see how many Americans have been cut down by the ‘Dumbing Down Machine Guns‘ of The Totalitarian Left and their allies.

Like Trevor Loudon says; “by electing President Donald J. Trump, America has got a reprieve”. But it is only that – a reprieve. If President Trump succeeds in Making America Great Again, and heals and secures the economy, the future for American children will be bright. The rest of the World will also have a chance.

If President Trump is defeated – America will rapidly deteriorate into a totalitarian shithole worse than Venezuela and Cuba, and the Light that shines from that Shining City On The Hill, as President Reagan so eloquently put it, will extinguish in all corners of the World.

In this program on Cold War Radio we talk about the violence that the Democratic Party, subversively and in a clandestine manner, dishes out to protest President Trump, his supporters and ordinary people, by proxy of their Black Dressed, Black Masked Blackshirts – ANTIFA.

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