Celebrating Cold War Radio’s Show #500

Tuesday 8/22 Hutch Bailie Jr will celebrate Cold War Radio #500. The show starts at 7 PM ET tonight and lasts for two hours. Hopefully our fans and friends will come by and congratulate Hutch on this grand occasion. Please call the show ➽ 412-567-1460 and tell us what you think. Tonight we celebrate with all the co-hosts on Cold War Radio and Steel City Resistance, and Wayne Dupree from The Wayne Dupree Show will also come by, and we expect a guest or two to come by.

Hutch Bailie Jr has been a strong voice in political talk shows – supporting Trump, and helping to Make America Great Again. He has racked up almost 105,000 plays and almost 24,000 downloads. That is around 64.5 MILLION hours of radio play…!

I started out as a co-host for Cold War Radio in January, and I enjoy bringing my knowledge and opinion to the show. But I not only add to the show, but also learn a lot from it.

We hope you’ll enjoy tonight’s Special Edition of Cold War Radio – and feel free to give us a call and congratulate Hutch on a job well done!

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