President Donald Trump Holds Rally in Louisville, KY

Margaret J. Howell is interviewing one of the younger participants at POTUS rally in Louisville, Kentucky.

RSBN is present with Margaret J. Howell, Liz Willis, Steve Lookner and Micah Messer in Louisville, Kentucky. Please join RSBN’s coverage of President Trump’s rally.

Watch LIVE here:

LIVE Stream: President Donald Trump Holds Rally in Louisville, KY 3/20/17

UPDATE Trump on stage looking strong presenting a 3 trillion dollar growth and companies hiring again.

Update 9:49 PM EST: President Trump delivered a powerful speech. He was not very strong on specifics, but he made it fairly clear that the new health care plan is being worked hard at. The atmosphere was electric at the venue in Louisville tonight and the team from RSBN delivered a very nice production! Thanks to Liz, Margaret, Steve, Micah and the team back in Auburn, Alabama! And a special thanks to the chatroom & the RSBN Family there who made this an especially memorable evening!

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