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…The Future Is The Best Investment You Can Make!

Those who cannot remember the past
are condemned to repeat it.

— George Santayana


…Hillsdale College, the small, Christian, Classical Liberal Arts College in southern Michigan that operates independently of all government funding in spreading their
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and help Homeschooling Parents,
so that children may be educated in the inseparable purposes of Hillsdale College;

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Hillsdale College’s students represent each of the fifty states and more than a dozen foreign countries, drawn to the challenge of a Hillsdale Education, they grow in Heart and Mind by studying timeless truths in a supportive community dedicated to the highest things.

Hillsdale College is working extremely hard to be independent from Government Overreach.
They do not take a cent of Tax Dollars, so…

You have probably heard the expression:

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The same holds true for our children’s education. Teach them a piece of information, and it may save them for a day. Give them an actual wholesome and healthy Education and you have given them something that will sustain that child for a lifetime.

But more often than not the average American Child of the 2020s are not fed either. They are fed poison. Distorted, false, negative, dangerous, subversive, militant, relativistic, immoral, Anti-American blood red Marxist Propaganda.

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Anything short of an all destroying disaster, this Education is what will save America’s Future! Please; Claim A Piece of The Future For Yourself by Supporting it today!


The answer is presumably as plain as day. As all roads led to the gentile, immoral, idolatrous Rome in the Ancient World, as John put it very vividly in the Book of Revelation in the 1st Century, warning that Christians would soon be butchered in the most insidious ways in Rome and throughout the Roman Empire, as crowd pleasing entertainment, courtesy of Emperor Nero;

— In the 21st Century the same roads of doom lead to Beijing. Albeit, possibly with a stopover at the United Nations, courtesy of Emperor Xi Jinping.

We are at War

The argument can easily be made that World War III started on January 29. 1979 at 10:02 AM EST when Carter shook hands with Deng Xiaoping at the White House. Americans and Europeans have been blind, like this three part article series in The Epoch Times illustrates under the title «Communist China Declared War on the US Long Ago» : 1, 2, 3.

Mercantilism and Time and devious Long-term Planning has made it possible for China to fool the world into thinking they were moving towards Capitalism. The Chinese Mercantilism, however, made the World-Wide Robbery of

  • Money,
  • Intellectual Property
  • Industrial Capacity
  • Foreign Territory &
  • Slave Labor

possible. A benefit of all these nefarious activities is the fact that Chinese Experts, under the military command of the Chinese Communist Party’s PLA (People’s Liberation Army), are spread out across the globe. They have infiltrated just about everything. And they continue the theft and the subversion of the Free World, and report back to their Communist Masterminds back home.

And all the while we sell our very Soul, for literally Toxic Merchandise and cheap Junk, produced with zero environmental legislation which has created Cancer Cities in China. Some 600 of them as a matter of fact, and counting. These are the cities where the ordinary Slave of Chinese Communism is eaten alive by cancer, living on a toxic dump. What toxins don’t stay in these cities, is pumped into the Earth’s Atmosphere or dumped in the rivers taking it out to the World’s Oceans.
— Unfiltered — unlike in the Free World’s rigorous environmental conscious legislations.

It is not quite the war of fighter jets, armored vehicles, bombs, bullets and missiles of Russia’s attack on the Sovereign Nation of Ukraine – yet. But soon we will be, if we don’t fight this non-kinetic war and start winning some battles. Tamely watching a presidential election being stolen is History’s most disgraceful and ridiculous example on how not to do it!
It is not even a well kept secret which weapons the Chinese Communist Party are deploying against America or what they call this War.
— They call it:

‘Unrestricted Warfare’

— they brag about it openly in speeches and propaganda, often draped in Chinese Mythical Language, and you can get it from the horses own mouth. At least the major outline of it. It was thoroughly described in a book overtly titled ‘Unrestricted Warfare‘ by Military Strategists, Major Generals Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. With great rapidity it becomes clear that their idea of warfare is not at all confined to military armies and fleets of naval ships. Although quite a few elements in the book is what we are taught in our Military Academies and Training about asymmetric warfare, this is still a bone chilling read, absolutely peppered with “a-ha moments” from the fact that we know how

  • Weapons of Mass Social Destruction
  • Weapons of Mass Civics Destruction
  • Weapons of Mass Identity & Gender Destruction
  • Weapons of Mass Nationality Destruction
  • Weapons of Mass Population Destruction
  • Weapons of Mass Judeo-Christian & Morality Destruction
  • Weapons of Mass Education and Science Destruction and
  • Weapons of Mass Economic Destruction

have already been “detonated” over American countrysides, towns and cities.

  • Weapons of Mass ANY Destruction — If you can dream it up, the ChiComs have almost certainly done so too, and deployed them, or planning to deploy them, on unsuspecting people in the Free World.

And all the indication you might get, is that some part of your life, or your entire life has turned completely sideways. If you are lucky!

“If you are lucky!? What on earth do I mean by that?”

Well, the Weapons of Mass Destruction deployed, or about to be deployed, by the CCP that is most detrimental, are the Mass Culture Destroyers. In our precious Western Culture of Life, Freedom, Private Property and The Freedom to Pursue our own Happiness, Freedom to worship God, there are inherent achilles heals. Weak points which are targeted for our ultimate destruction. And you can’t get rid of these. They are inherent.

Eisenhower Farewell Address delivered on January 17, 1961 where he warned against The Military Industrial Complex.
Today that Anti-Freedom Complex has grown to become the Totalitarian Military-Intelligence-Media Industrial Complex.

For instance, let say you wanted to make a Free and Open Society more secure from spying. Ultimately, in order to achieve that, you would need extensive surveillance which, in itself, would ultimately kill Freedom and Openness. In fact that is the point we are at now. It was a drawback which was accepted as part of the Price of Freedom during the Soviet vs. USA / Warsaw Pact vs. NATO part of the Cold War. It was always easier by an order of magnitude for Communist Agents to penetrate Western Secrets than it was for Western Agents to penetrate Soviet Secrets. Somehow we, or at least a majority, was convinced by the powers that be, that with the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, the total erosion of the Iron Curtain and finally with the fall of the Soviet Union in the last days of 1991, the Cold War was over.
It was not.

NSA used jokingly to be called ‘No Such Amendment’, referring to the fact that they break the 4th Amendment on a regular basis. It is not a joke anymore. The Surveillance Industry in America, whichever noble and good intention they initially may have had, has become weaponized by the Marxists, the very dangerous radicals they set out to keep an eye on. The tables have been turned.

At some point, when we are weakened through this Chinese Communist variant of the Ancient Chinese ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’ Torture, weakened Politically, Financially, Socially, Metaphysically and ultimately, Militarily, they pull the plugs, or “detonate” some small “charges” in their system of undermining. The result is that our entire culture could come crashing down. In one blow the Free World would cease to exist. I would refrain from speculating how exactly this final kingpin would be blown up. There are numerous scenarios from Kinetic Warfare to Cyber Warfare to cashing in the astronomical US Debt which the US Congress, now heavily ruled by Marxists, has levied on the American People, and thus jeopardized the Free World with their Marxist “Free Stuff” Programs Mania.

It is no secret that, while the US corrupt leadership has borrowed and partied like it was going out of style, China and Russia have silently been building up vast Gold Reserves over several decades to underpin a New World Economy where the US Dollar (USD) will serve as toilet paper, while the world will be coerced to deal in Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY). The UN, I’d might add, would applaud this move with their sticky Marxist Fingers. They are in all respect against God’s separations into different Nations, Peoples, Cultures and Tongues. They are against the separations of Power and that The People should ultimately hold all Power or any Power. This Marxist Ideology, so highly loved by their “godfather”, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is even in their very name: The United Nations. I am waiting for that plural ‘s’ at the end of the name to fall off any minute.

The desolation left in the wake of these “silent detonations” along the way, which have already been set off, is indescribable. In many cases they are like scenes from Hell. The effects sorts into several categories:

  • The Known Knowns
  • The Known Unknowns
  • The Unknown Unknowns

One of the Best Antidote against the corrosive, exploitative, dehumanizing nature of Marxism is Hillsdale College’s many Education Projects, from K-12, Charter Schools, High School and College Education.

The Known Knowns are enough in and by themselves to fill a library of data and anecdotal stories of demolished families, drug addiction, crime, suicides over loss of hope for the future, suicides over identity and gender confusions, mass unemployment, millions of degrees from universities to the tune of tens of thousands of Dollars each not worth the paper of the certificates and the devastation of a Biological Weapon of Mass Economic Destruction known as “COVID-19”.

What beggars belief, is that demonic Marxist Agents funded this destruction with American Citizens’ Tax Dollars. The prime example of a regressive “Progressive” Bureaucratic Administrative State Mass Murdering Marxist, Anthony Fauci, was at the very center of millions of dollars being sent to the Chinese Communist Party for research into making naturally occurring Corona Viridae into Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction targeting Human Beings.

With Anti-American traitor “friends” like that at the heart of the “Progressive” Bureaucratic State in America, who needs enemies?

The Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns are left to the Educated Guessers. What horrors these may entail makes me for one hold on to God extra tight. Knowing the History of one of Satan’s most prominent Religions; Marxism, and what evils have been spawned from it this in the past Century is the best indicator of what demonic future is being planned in the bowels of the Marxist Beast in Communist China. The Epoch Times/NTD’s 10 part series How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World is well worth the time watching. This is just the essentials of Communism, the headlines so to speak. But make no mistake, Marxism is evolving, constantly morphing into new forms, infiltrating and subverting all that is good in this world.

It is beyond the scope of this article to cover all the different types of the ‘Unrestricted Warfare’s’ Weapons of Mass Destruction that has been deployed in America, so we will only briefly go over the headlines of a few in the following. I am sure you are more than familiar with the effects of these weapons. The main focus of this article is one important answer to the question:

— What can be done about it?

Misunderstanding of the present
grows fatally from ignorance of the past.

— Marc Bloch

Weapons of Mass Social Destruction

The Chinese Communist Party practically owns the UN Bureaucracy, and the highly organized push of people to stream unscreened and illegally across the Unimpeded Biden Border in the South is organized and directed from agents within. It is a Weapon of Mass Social Destruction.

Weapons of Mass Economic Destruction

The Opioid Crisis is manufactured in the same massive factories in China that deliver overpriced drugs to American Pharmacies. Border Patrols say they are lucky if they catch as much as 5% of the illegal drugs, Made In CCP China. Recently a shipment large enough to kill 20 Million Americans was seized. Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe in British Columbia recently stated that Illicit Drugs in BC Cause More Deaths Than All Other Unnatural Deaths Combined. These are Weapons of Mass Social Destruction and Weapons of Mass Economic Destruction fired against Americans whom are all but defenseless under the Biden Junta’s War On Americans.

Bio-Weapons of Mass Economic Destruction

The SARS-CoV-2 AKA “COVID-19” Bio-Weapon was released from a Weapons Laboratory owned and run by the Gang of Gangs, the Criminals of Criminals, the Chinese Communist Party’s “People’s Liberation Army”, PLA. The Death Toll was low. And they knew it would be. That was not the point of this Bio-Weapon Deployment. The real aim was studied and analyzed in their “dry run” when the UN blew the 2009 H1N1 “Swine Flu” fraud out of all proportions. The Social Weapons Experiment under the then Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Chan (Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun), was studied in detail by the CCP. The conclusion was clear. The fear of the “unseen” and “unknown”, and a few bad Marxist actors in the International Science Community was all it took to make people believe in all the apocalyptic predictions from the “experts”. And the Media Marxists loved it. Nothing increases circulation and viewing more than bad news. Horrible news is even better!

I too studied both the 2009 Swine Flu Virus’ the epidemiological data and how media twisted this into an insane frenzy. When Dr. Chan’s successor, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced the COVID “Plague”, I thought to myself: “Oh, my God! The 2009 H1N1 was just a dry-run! They are doing it for real this time!” I was right. I hate to be right about these things, but as you will see at the end of this article, I am also optimistic that we really can fight this and win, and we will, if for no other reason because the alternative is unthinkable.

“Chinese-Canadian” Dr. Chan, originally of the now non-existing free state of Hong Hong, currently holds a cushy position at the very top of the Chinese Communist Party’s infrastructure in the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) after her family made a killing on what was promoted as a “vaccine” against the Flu Virus.

Incidentally, the first person the freshly minted new Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, called was — Xi Jinping. There is a pattern here.

The entire story of COVID-19 is a perfect illustration how badly our societies have been infiltrated and subverted by Marxists. This tale of horrors have all the ingredients. Corrupt, Marxist pseudo-scientific Scientists, corrupt Politicians, corrupt Bureaucrats, corrupt, Globalist Pharmaceutical Companies, corrupt Media and corrupt Super-National Entities. Common sense didn’t stand a chance as this Massive Marxist Train was bearing down.

No mistake, it was a Bio-Weapon that was released on the world by the Chinese Communist Party. But they were counting on Social Engineering for its full effect rather than Bio Engineering. People did die from this virus. Far, far more people died as a result of the non-stop 24-7-365 Marxist Fear Porn industry which sprang up in the wake of this “Woke” Marxist Revolution. A nurse told me that the ER in California where she worked saw the same DOA from suicides each and every month during the insane COVID-Lockdowns, as they did for an entire year. Scores of Small and Medium Sized Business owners saw their life’s work flushed down the Marxist Toilet, while for big, globalist companies – deemed “essential” – it was business as usual.

Judging from the signals of American Marxists and at least one Marxist Billionaire, they seem to believe they have found a winning formula, blowing relative mild infections into massive money-making “vaccine” machines and tools of mass suggestion and control.

A chilling realization. And so, now we have “Monkeypox“. Vaccine Passports is the Chinese Communist Party’s “Social Credit Score“. If you do not do what the Marxist State dictates, you are denied food, access to public places, public services, access to housing, public transport — pretty much everything that separates you from the caveman.

The Chinese Communist Party Scourge

The COVID Cold did kill, but only in a fraction of what American Marxist Media Propagandists claimed, waving all the falsified death certificates in the faces of Americans on their endless Fear Porn Shows. It was however deployed in such a shrewd manner that it will turn out to be the most successful Weapon of Mass Economic Destruction ever deployed. It practically wiped out the financial backbone of America: Huge swaths of small and medium size businesses were forced to close.
Churches and Synagogues were forced to close, while huge contributors to the “Democrat” Marxist Party and Globalist Companies were allowed to run business as usual, stamping out what domain the small businesses still had held. People losing their jobs, being socially forced apart, losing their businesses while Globalist Businesses were allowed to run “business as usual”, stealing their market shares. No wonder the suicide rates exploded.

How could they get away with it? How could people be so gullible that they bought into the Fear Porn? How could they jump on the bandwagon, where the first “vaccine” I know of seemed to required to be taken at the same frequency you change your underwear, with “booster” after “booster” after “booster” and the vaccine injuries are piling up?

One reasonable explanation is that an uneducated population is easy to manipulate. Simple, basic knowledge of statistics, epidemiology and infectious diseases would have defused the situation immediately and pitched the Media Propagandists through scorn and disgust into shame and oblivion.

In my opinion, the real Bio Weapon aspect of the ‘Planneddemic’ came when a host of “vaccine” manufacturers turned out the real bio-weapon, throwing both Caution and Science overboard. Making Billions like it was going out of style, they got to run live lab animal experiments on whole populations, no strings attached. “Free” “Vaccines” being forcefully funded out of the People’s pockets in the sky rocketing taxes and debt.

Out of all the epitopes of the virus, only one epitope was shown to be safe in regards to Pathogenic Priming. Guess which epitope was not found in a single “Vaccine”…?

Breaking the virus up in the “Vaccines” made sure that it had maximum chance of working like an immune disruptor. People talk about cancer in disasters like Tchernobyl and Fukushima. Wait until the cancer statistics following the “Vaccines” are released. They will dwarf any nuclear disaster. That is, if they ever do get released. I am not taking any bets on that one.

But why stop at “Vaccines” taken with “Season Tickets”? Why not go one further, silence the very inventor of the technology used in the RNA “Vaccines”, Dr. Robert Malone PhD — because he was getting annoyingly noisy in the ears of the powers that be and mixing pesky Real Science into their bonanza. So, silence him. Then turn out mRNA “Vaccines”, altering Human DNA forever, sacrificing our children, with absolutely zero risk analysis.

And since we’re all about wiping out Freedom, the Mass Murdering Marxist Masterminds thought, why not push the “Vaccines” on toddlers while we’re at it.

I will round off this horror story here. The Crimes Against Humanity in relations to this massive attack on the Free World is worthy of a multi-volume book in itself. But with such a huge success, I can guarantee you this is just the beginning. The ChiComs will hit us again and again until we are defeated — or until we get smart enough to get rid of the Marxist Agents, the self-proclaimed “experts”, running these scams.

Weapons of Mass Education-and-Science Destruction

During the long and painful months when I had to watch the Marxist infiltrated governments and bureaucracies lay waste to Society, while protecting their Globalist Comrades, something repeated itself again and again in my mind.

This Pseduo-Scientific Marxist Lysenkoist disgrace is only possible when Real Education has been destroyed.

If people had known just the basics of virology and epidemiology, they could have discerned for themselves that this wasn’t the “Black Death”. Heck, this Cold was in reality no more serious than the average Seasonal Flu. Not that the Seasonal Flue is anything to sneeze at. It kills people too. Especially the weak and the old, and sometimes through the triggering of a Cytokine Storm, the young.
But you don’t lock down entire countries and kill off entire industries each winter when people’s Vitamin D Levels drop and the prevalent flu virus(es) gets an upper hand on our immune systems and becomes disease.

The Veteran of World War 11…

Real Education has been obliterated. That is extremely dangerous. An Ignorant People is a People that is dangerously easy to manipulate and take advantage of.

If Real Education isn’t brought back soon, with great force and speed, this will be the end of our Society, Culture, Freedom and People.

One of a myriad of examples that I think illustrates how dangerous the situation has become, is a story that Theodore “Dutch” van Kirk (1921-2014), the Navigator on Enola Gay told in an interview:

“I go to High Schools. They don’t know anything about WWII.
At one school I was introduced as “A Veteran of World War Eleven…!

Some might find this amusing. I for one sense an extreme danger when even teachers have become this ignorant about the most basic facts of History. And this is not an anecdotal incident. This is becoming the norm.

Weapons of Mass Identity Destruction

A girl has worked her whole life to become really, really good in the sport that she loves. She has put in endless hours of training, disappointments, victories and defeats. Her family has backed her up, because she’s got real talent. She could become the best of the best. She is approaching the pinnacle of her career and she is picturing herself climbing up on the victory podium, bending down to have that big Gold Medal placed around her neck, and choking to hold back the tears as she places her hand on her chest and sings the National Anthem while her flag is hoisted atop.

But that was just a dream. True, it was close enough to almost feel like reality. But then a guy who decided he wanted to be famous out of the blue identified himself as a girl, and beat what would have been the girl’s finest victory like it was going out of style. All her training and preparations counted for nothing. She would never stand on top of that podium. She would never get that Gold Medal. She would never celebrate the ultimate victory with her family…

…because a guy identified himself as a girl.

And our friend, the could-have-been-a-star-athlete girl, “only” had her sports career flushed down the toilet by the “Woke” (a masking term used by the Mass Murdering Marxists to hide the fact that they are in fact Mass Murdering Marxists). But there are victims of this Absolute Evil that have their entire life flushed down the toilet, with detrimental consequences for the very fabric of our Free World.

Moral Relativism is running like a glowing hot iron rod through Western Marxists’ thought, speech and action. The pinnacle of this subversion of morality and All-Out War on the Fundamental Building Block of a Free and Healthy Society — The Family — is the Absolute Moral Relativism of Sexual Perversions and Gender Fluidity. Transgenderism is the “Final Solution” of Globalist “Wokeism” (Marxism). The same militant Feminists who have hammered wedges into The Family to break it apart for the better part of a Century, are now throwing the gender they proclaimed to promote under the bus.

Gender Fluidity is the final Sexual Weapon of Mass Destruction in the multi-decadal war on The Family, and straight men, thus pulverizing the Fundamental Building Block and so, leaving our Society in total ruins. Much like the National Socialist movements and parties of Europe in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s sought to resolve “the Jewish Question“, Globalists are using sexuality to subvert and destroy Western Culture and Civilization, often behind the back of the children’s parents.

Sexuality; the will to procreate the species, is among the most powerful forces in nature. Turning it as a force against The Family, rather than a force for The Family, is the death knell of the Free West.

Take these perversities;

  • normalized through Marxist “Education” (Indoctrination),
  • coupled with the Destruction of History (“1619 Project”, “Lincoln Project”, tearing down and vandalizing monuments and statues, rewriting History Books and curriculums)
  • the total confusion and brainwashing of children – turning them into Marxist Slaves or suicide victims overtly and covertly,
  • whipping up a race war and racial tensions where there are none,
  • subvert America through Chinese financed terrorist organizations like Antifa and BLM,
  • Hollywood’s depiction of these sick and depraved human relations as “normal”,
  • peer pressure, shaming through Social Media and
  • the 24-7-365 “News” Propaganda,

and you have The Perfect Storm of our Society. And make no mistake, the Illegal, Illegitimate Comrade Biden Presidency — or should we say Comrade Obama’s Shadow Presidency, is blood red Marxist, and fully on board with the Program.

I for one feel it is time for us all to say out loud:


So, what is the long-term solution?

— Education, Education, Education —

I am talking REAL Education here — not Marxist Indoctrination. Unless American Children are taught honestly, using a curriculum that presents a fair, unbiased, and comprehensive view of America’s History, America will wake up one day and discover that the next generation Americans are no longer Americans at all. They are taught to hate America, her History and everything she stands for. Americans will wake up one day and find out the Generation that are supposed to drive America forward and care for them in their old age have become Agents of Dark Minds in the Chinese Communist Party, actively plotting for America’s downfall since the late 1970’s.

Looking at how easy it has been for the Chinese Communists to wreak havoc on America an Americans, it leaves us with just one question:


The answer is equally simple. A lack of knowledge in Chinese Thinking (we play simple Chess, they play the long strategical Mahjong), Chinese Communism’s unyielding Will to cause damage to the West, and America in particular, with the final goal being World Domination and the Chinese Communist Party’s unquenchable thirst for Money and Power.
The Chinese Communist Party is the very embodiment of Pure Evil.
And the less clever of them still believe that their army is aptly named the People’s Liberation Army. We, the decadent, capitalist peoples of the Free World are to be “liberated” from our “wicked ways” of being Free, of having Private Property and being the Captains of our own Lives, FREE to Worship as we see fit…
Never mind tiny, pesky Truths such as the fact that:

  • No system in Human History has killed more people than the Chinese Communist Party, with 80 Million Dead under the weight of Mao’s Evil, fat, narcissist ass, and probably a further 20 Million since. Not counting voluntary and forced abortions, the CCP racks up the steepest share of the Quarter Billion Death Toll inflicted on Humanity by Marxism in just a Century.
  • No system in Human History has lifted more people out of Poverty and into Prosperity than the Free Market Economy System, scornfully nicknamed “Capitalism” by the lazy parasite satanist, Karl Marx himself.

But equally as important as the knowledge on how the Chinese Marxists are thinking, is the Americans’ total lack of knowledge about American Civics, the American Betrayal by its elected and unelected officials. And Americans’ absolutely bottomless lack of knowledge about central ideological drivers in World History, such as Marxism and its numerous, lethal branches (Socialisms, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Progressivism and sub-ideologies like Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, “Wokeism”, “The Social Justice Movement”, Cancel Culture, BLM, “Antifa” etc.), many of which are now controlling large parts of the Western World in general, and especially American Politics, News, Entertainment and Education.

Winston Churchill’s brilliant take on Communism and the Human Nature

There is Great Hope. We must never lose Hope. Personally I believe that Christianity, not the mass institutionalized “christianity” now run by an Ultra-Marxist Jesuit “Liberation Theology” Demon on the ungodly throne in the Vatican. But ordinary, good Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox “everyday” Christians will carry the day. We are the Living Building Blocks of God’s Temple on Earth! And so, through the fact that we have Moral Compasses through our Faith, if enough of us stand up against Evil, that will turn the tide in time. For we are not White Ants. We are Human Beings, God’s Creation. The Chinese Communist Party and Putin’s Marxist “Utopia” are treating their peoples like White Ants. That will ultimately be the Marxists’ undoing when all is said and done.

From Winston Churchill’s ‘THOUGHTS AND ADVENTURES‘:

It is a curious fact that the Russian Bolsheviks in carrying by compulsion mass conceptions to their utmost extreme seem to have lost not only the guidance of great personalities, but even the economic fertility of the process itself. The Communist theme aims at universal standardization. The individual becomes a function: the community is alone of interest: mass thoughts dictated and propagated by the rulers are the only thoughts deemed respectable. No one is to think of himself as an immortal spirit, clothed in the flesh, but sovereign, unique, indestructible. No one is to think of himself even as that harmonious integrity of mind, soul and body, which, take it as you will, may claim to be ‘the Lord of Creation.’ Sub-human goals and ideals are set before these Asiatic millions. The Beehive? No, for there must be no queen and no honey, or at least no honey for others. In Soviet Russia we have a society which seeks to model itself upon the Ant. There is not one single social or economic principle or concept in the philosophy of the Russian Bolshevik which has not been realized, carried into action, and enshrined in immutable laws a million years ago by the White Ant.

But human nature is more intractable than ant-nature. The explosive variations of its phenomena disturb the smooth working out of the laws and forces which have subjugated the White Ant. It is at once the safeguard and the glory of mankind that they are easy to lead and hard to drive. So the Bolsheviks, having attempted by tyranny and by terror to establish the most complete form of mass life and collectivism of which history bears record, have not only lost the distinction of individuals, but have not even made the nationalization of life and industry pay. We have not much to learn from them, except what to avoid.

The Future Is The Best Investment You Can Make…

…apart from teaching your own child to respect God and Country, what America is built upon and how to fight and win this war, is to support Hillsdale College’s magnificent and very popular Fair, True and Pro-American project! Hillsdale has become the Island of American Sanity, Foundation and Learning in a sea of Demonic Marxist Insanity.

  • The program that Hillsdale is rolling out across America will eventually prove to be America’s last, best hope for survival.
  • Hillsdale is totally independent. In order to avoid as much as possible the overreach by the regressive “Progressive” Bureaucratic Administrative State, they do not take one single cent of the Government Dollar (each of which has a string attached). Not in any form.
  • They do not admit students with any government grants.
  • They have gone to court to stay untarnished by the Marxist Mayhem that is now gripping every education institution who took the “easy money” from the Federal Government.

So, when President Larry P. Arnn asks the American People for help with this vital project, the least I could do was to bring his letter to your attention, so that you may help defend America against this ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ in one of the noblest ways there is:

— Educating American Children In A Fair Way!

Letter from the President of Hillsdale College, Larry Arnn.
May God richly bless him and Hillsdale College, now and forever, in their noble quest to bring Real Education to America:

President of Hillsdale College - Larry P. Arnn
President of Hillsdale College – Larry P. Arnn

American civics education, and specifically the teaching of American history, is at a crisis point.

In K-12 schools nationwide, false narratives are being constructed, and content is being cherry-picked to fit an ideological (and frankly anti-American) agenda. Maybe you’ve even seen this happening in your local schools.

As a result, we are faced with a choice: will we allow our children to be indoctrinated using curricula developed by anti-American ideologues and promoted by Left-wing education bureaucrats?

Or will we insist that our children are taught honestly, using a curriculum that presents a fair, unbiased, and comprehensive view of our nation’s history?

We must insist on the latter, both for the sake of truth and for the sake of our children and America’s future.

For this reason, we have produced the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum—and I’m writing to ask for your help in promoting this curriculum to educators, homeschool families, and concerned citizens nationwide.

What is the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum?

The Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum is a K-12 history and civics curriculum that covers the triumphs and tragedies of American history fairly and comprehensively.

This curriculum has been designed not by activists or ideologues but by teachers and professors at Hillsdale College—and we are making it available free of charge.

To be clear, the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum is not a slap-dash response to the efforts of anti-American ideologues to indoctrinate our children.

It is a 2,000-page, 85-lesson curriculum based on decades of studying American history. Developed over 18 months of intense and focused effort, its roots extend as far back as the beginning of Hillsdale College in 1844.

And we need your help to make the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum available to educators, homeschool families, and concerned citizens nationwide…and to make it available free of charge so that it will have the greatest impact.

We have set a budget goal of $1,500,000 to promote the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum and our other outreach efforts—including Imprimis, free online courses, and our classical K-12 charter school initiative.

That’s an ambitious budget, and we need to get started as soon as possible.

One reason why your support really matters: Hillsdale College refuses to accept one penny in taxpayer support—not even indirectly in the form of federal or state student grants and loans. This makes our work uniquely dependent on the support of citizens like you—citizens who agree with Hillsdale’s mission on behalf of liberty.

We remind ourselves daily of Hillsdale’s 178-year-old mission—to provide “sound learning” of the kind needed to preserve “the inestimable blessings of civil and religious liberty.”

With that mission in mind, we produced the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum—and now we need your help to promote it nationwide.

Will you take this opportunity to support the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum and our other educational outreach efforts on behalf of liberty?

Understanding that a proper education is vital to the preservation of liberty—and that the anti-American indoctrination now being forced on too many American children poses an existential threat to liberty
—I hope you will make your most generous tax-deductible gift today.

I’ve included a secure link for your convenience here:


Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Hillsdale College
Pursuing Truth and Defending Liberty Since 1844

Small or big contributions

Every dollar helps

One Time or Monthly – It is for the Best Cause Imaginable

— Help give American Children a Real Education for Life! —

Tax deductible.

Learn more about the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum
and Hillsdale’s other Educational Outreach Programs

An American Classical Education

Learn more…

The Education American Students Deserve​

Learn more…

Hillsdale K-12 Curriculum

Overview. Hillsdale College’s K-12 curriculum is content-rich, balanced, and strong, with emphasis upon the four core disciplines of math, science, literature, and history, with attention to music, art, physical education, and foreign languages.

Learn more…

American Classical Education

In a Hillsdale classical school, teachers lead students toward moral and intellectual virtue by means of a rich and robust course of study in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

Learn more…

K-12 Career Opportunities

The classical K-12 schools in our network are always looking for talented, professional, mission-minded teachers and leaders. What are you waiting for?

Aspiring School Leaders
Hillsdale College connects capable school leaders with the classical schools in our expanding network. Candidates should have a solid understanding of classical education, a dedication to the liberal arts and the teaching of civics, and a strong capacity for organizational leadership. Preferred candidates will have a master’s degree, teaching experience at the K-12 or college level, a record of leadership, and demonstrated abilities in speaking and writing.

Learn more…

Start A School

How To Start A Hillsdale College Member School

Mission Alignment
Hillsdale College provides assistance to a network of Member Schools that serve a wide variety of local communities. Each has its unique challenges and opportunities, but the network is bound together by a common understanding of American classical education and shared program features.

Learn more…

Hillsdale College Book Store / Store

Classic Children’s Books.
The official store for Hillsdale College Online Courses.
Hillsdale College Great Books Collection.
Churchill Project store, intended to propagate a right understanding of Churchill’s record.

And much more…

Learn more…

Facebook Hillsdale College K-12 Education

In a Hillsdale classical school, teachers lead students toward moral and intellectual virtue by means of a rich and robust course of study in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

Learn more…


Reviving American Classical K-12 Education.
On December 9, 2021, Hillsdale College hosted a Tele-Townhall on “Reviving American Classical K-12 Education,” featuring Hillsdale College President Dr. Larry Arnn, Assistant Provost for K-12 Education Dr. Kathleen O’Toole, and hosted by Hugh Hewitt. We invited thousands of Americans from across the country to join via phone and livestream. Our presenters spoke about Hillsdale’s K-12 programs and answered participants’ questions, providing an excellent introduction to Hillsdale’s work in K-12 education.

Learn more…

Hoogland Center for Teacher Excellence

Professional Development for Teachers Across the Country
Building upon the mission of Hillsdale College’s K-12 Education Office, the Charles R. and Kathleen K. Hoogland Center for Teacher Excellence (CTE) expands the reach of Hillsdale College’s message of classical curricula and subject mastery to a nationwide audience of teachers. Seminars are open to all middle- and high-school teachers.

Learn more…

K-12 @ Home

Hillsdale College’s Homeschooling Support and Resources for Teachers and Parents.

Learn more…

K-12 @ Home – Parents – You Can Do This

In a Hillsdale classical school, teachers lead students toward moral and intellectual virtue by means of a rich and robust course of study in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

Learn more…

Barney Charter School Initiative

The Barney Charter School Initiative (BCSI) is an outreach program of Hillsdale College devoted to the revitalization of public education through the launch and support of classical K-12 charter schools.

Through this initiative, Hillsdale College promotes a model of education that is rooted in the liberal arts and sciences, offers a firm grounding in civic virtue, and cultivates moral character.

Our nation’s founders knew, as Thomas Jefferson wrote, that “an educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” Today’s public schools are too often poor stewards of their trust, caught between moral and cultural relativism, conflicting views about education’s purposes, and tangled layers of testing and oversight from multi-level bureaucracies. Hillsdale’s Barney Charter School Initiative provides an effective alternative by collaborating with local citizens throughout the country to found classical charter schools built on the best curricular and instructional traditions.

Learn more…

The Classical Classroom

A glimpse inside Hillsdale College’s network of classical schools across the country.

Here at Hillsdale College, we promote the founding of classical schools, and excellence in their teaching and operations, so that American schoolchildren may be educated in the liberal arts and sciences and receive instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue. We refer to this education as American classical education. What is American classical education, exactly? What does it look like within the walls of a particular school?

Learn more…

Our Team

The Hillsdale College K-12 team combines the resources of our full time K-12 Education Office staff with members of the Hillsdale College faculty and excellent teachers from classrooms across the country.

Here you can find information on

K-12 Staff

Faculty Advisors

Master & Lead Teachers

Literacy Trainers

Contact Details

Learn more…

Our Work

We provide curriculum and training to a growing network of classical educators.

The Hillsdale College K-12 Education Office teaches schools and communities about the principles of excellent K-12 education, focusing on governance, leadership, curriculum, pedagogy, and school culture. We collaborate with parents, teachers, school leaders, board members, and policy makers, to f0und and support a nationwide network of classical schools that revive the American tradition of K-12 Education

Schools working with Hillsdale College are not owned or operated by the College. Our primary work is in providing advice to school founding projects and, after their inception, providing teacher and leader support and curriculum to those schools. All assistance is given free of charge to schools and founding groups.

Learn more…

14,000+ Students Enrolled
8,000+ Students on Waiting Lists
54 Affiliated Schools
27 States with Affiliated Schools

Learn more…

Hillsdale College was founded in 1844 with a mission to provide “all who wish to learn” the education necessary to preserve the civil and religious liberties of America. They understood, like the founders of our great nation, that free government requires independent, virtuous, and knowledgeable citizens.

In 2011 Hillsdale launched its online courses program to extend this mission and to teach the core subjects of a Hillsdale education free of charge. Since that time, more than 2.6 million Americans have partnered with us in this effort.

Learn more…

Learning, character, faith, and freedom:
these are the inseparable purposes of Hillsdale College.

Developing Minds. Improving Hearts.

Hillsdale College is a small, Christian, classical liberal arts college in southern Michigan that operates independently of government funding.

Our students represent each of the fifty states and more than a dozen foreign countries, and drawn to the challenge of a Hillsdale education, they grow in heart and mind by studying timeless truths in a supportive community dedicated to the highest things.

Get Started

Various Important Hillsdale College
Education, Homeschooling and K-12 Videos

Story-Killers: How the Common Core Destroys Minds and Souls by Terrence O. Moore [2014]

Teaching for Virtue | K12 – An American Classical Education

The Shocking Story of the Beauty Killing Story-Killers – The Marxist Regressive “Progressive” Bureaucratic Administrative State

LIVESTREAM | Reviving American Classical K-12 Education

Parenting for Academic Success | Classical Education at Home

How to Structure Education at Home | Classical Education at Home

A Return to Excellence in American K-12 Education – The Barney Charter School Initiative [2017]

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