DOCUMENTARY: George Westinghouse Should Be The 21st Century Role Model

Inventor, Engineer, Benefactor, Kind Industrialist, Humanitarian and Republican – Admirable George Westinghouse Should Be The 21st Century Role Model.
There is no lack of text devoted to shadowy, thieving, greedy and at times cruel inventor Thomas Edison.
What American school children ought to be taught, is the inspirational story of an even greater and far more magnanimous, but infinitely more humble man compared to Edison.

His name is George Westinghouse.

George Westinghouse Memorial – Erected and paid for 16 years after his death by grateful employees.
That in itself is a magnificent Character Reference.

George Westinghouse changed the face of the world with his inventions, patents, business sense, and personality.

Not a day goes by that we don’t use something pioneered by George Westinghouse. He is the forgotten role model that our country needs today to teach future generations of Americans that hard work and kindness pay off.

George Westinghouse was one of the most successful men in the world; a respected engineer, inventor, and America’s greatest industrialist. He was a pioneer of the Industrial Revolution and played a leading role in turning the United States from a young agrarian society into a modern economic powerhouse.

The name Westinghouse has been a household name the world over for more than 100 years because of one man, his love of machines, and his desire to make the world a better place.

A great tribute is made to George Westinghouse in the fascinating Documentary we feature further down on this page. It shows his life, work and bitter disappointments when killer bankers moved in to take his Electric Company from him. But that did not stop him, and he went on with his work which has left a legacy which has made it possible, among other things, to write this article about him on systems which ultimately are powered by his inventions.

“Nikola Tesla had great regard for Thomas Edison of being a workaholic, and Thomas Edison had great regard for Nikola Tesla for his ability to be a workaholic. My father tells me specifically that of all the people that Tesla met, that he had the highest regard for George Westinghouse.

— William Terbo (grandnephew of Nikola Tesla)

“Westinghouse really offers a role model. He was a passionate man and a lot of times he’s lost in history under Edison.

— Quentin Skrabec

“The most important thing about George Westinghouse was the way he treated his employees. He was unique.

— Jim Sutherland

“The accomplishments that George Westinghouse had in his lifetime had a major impact on the way we live today. His work in the railroad industry with the Westinghouse air brake, the electrification of the world with Westinghouse alternating current, him being instrumental in developing natural gas as a fuel, and his impact on the shipping industry with the Westinghouse geared marine turbine engine. George Westinghouse was known as a good person. He always had a very good rapport with his workers. There was never a strike at any of the Westinghouse companies all the time he had control of them. That was not common back in those days. He certainly was not motivated by greed or money. He really thought that his accomplishments would benefit mankind, and that alone was a driving force for him.

— Edward Reis

“I will say this for George Westinghouse:

If all employers of men treated their employees with the same consideration as he does, the American Federation of Labor would have to go out of existence.

— Samuel Gompers
Fmr. President of the American Federation of Labor

“George Westinghouse is a Genius who can’t be downed.

— Andrew Carnegie

Enjoy this fascinating account of one of the Greatest Americans of All Times — George Westinghouse!

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